View Full Version : Head Butts

Windy Militant
30th Jan 2004, 18:45
Reading the low flying Spitfire thread brings to mind the clip of the reporter doing a piece to camera when into shot comes a Piper Cub. I presume the idea was to zoom past at low level for effect. However things did not go to plan and Wallop! the Cub's wing tip nearly took the top of the guy's head off. The impact looked horrific but fortunately no permanent damage was done to either the intrepid reporter, they bred them tough in those days or the cub.

I'm trying to remember the guy's name, he's still on the box and the clip is run out on a fairly regular basis down here in the west .

Anyone remember the reporters name and is the pilot still on the run from CAA enforcement or has he got time off for good behavior?