View Full Version : Just wondering how friend "Rusty Cessna" is doing at Dartmouth?

PPRuNe Pop
28th Jan 2004, 17:28
Anyone heard how he is getting on?

28th Jan 2004, 18:56
I have it on very good authority that he is doing well. He has passed all hurdles including flying grading.

I do believe that he will be passing out in a few weeks time.

Oggin Aviator
28th Jan 2004, 23:39
I had a PM from him a fortnight or so ago saying he was doing OK. I dont think the cadets get much web access (if at all) whilst at the College hence his silence on Proone. Look forward to seeing him on the frontline in a few years time.

If you read this Rusty - continuing Good Luck, play the game and keep smiling :ok:


29th Jan 2004, 02:27
Oggin - Concur.

Good Luck Rusty.

Have to change your name now!

PPRuNe Pop
29th Jan 2004, 04:17
Very glad to hear the news Rusty. Keep it going.

Look forward to having a drink with you again. Maybe at the Christmas GatBash. You should be well on your way by then. :ok:

Oggin Aviator
29th Jan 2004, 06:51
Have to change your name now!

Like ...

Knackered old Sea King

No SEAD (or Supported :mad: ) Sea Jet

SABR Rattler

Plastic Sub Hunter

Grey and Red SAR God

Skua Shooter

or something like that !

30th Jan 2004, 00:08
Just so long as it isn't

Pinger filth


Rusty Cessna
31st Jan 2004, 02:33
Hello all!

Many thanks for the kind sentiments, I can indeed confirm Pulse1's reports that I'm doing well, and amcurrently having an excellent time at BRNC. My flight passes out on the 19th (anyone flying over the dartmouth area on that morning at all? ;)) and I'm thoroughly looking forward to progressing to my next course.

Thankfully I have managed to go through the college with a brilliant bunch of people, and will hopefully (subject to holds) be able to enjoy a summer at DEFTS! I should be able to post a bit more regularly aswell, which will be nice.

Once again cheers for your thoughts, they are as always very greatfully received. I hope you are all doing well and still enjoying the life, with a bit of luck I'll see you all in the fleet.

Rusty (thinking hard about a new name :))

PPRuNe Pop
31st Jan 2004, 02:46
Hey Rusty! A joy to hear from you. I know a few mutual friends who will be dead chuffed that you are getting there.

Look forward to hearing that you have passed, passed, passed.

Many good wishes.


John Eacott
31st Jan 2004, 07:03

Further good wishes from DownUnder: while you're there, will you give a definitive answer to the old question:

How many steps down to Sand Quay? ;)

31st Jan 2004, 16:16
Glad to hear that your course is going so well! Best of luck and I hope that you have fun on the JSF in a few years' time!

bad livin'
1st Feb 2004, 02:10
Indeed, nice one on grading etc Rusty! I hope you've had half as good a time at Dartmouth as i did.

How many steps to Sandquay? Too damn many....!!!

Big up the Navy!

PS Just returned from RN Ski and Board champs, anyone else on these pages attend?

1st Feb 2004, 21:46
Talking of Sand Quay...... Have you heard the dreaded 'FENDERS' call yet, or is that a thing of the past?

4th Feb 2004, 01:33
Do you expect to be turning up at HMP Cranditz shortly then, or have you already done a JEFTS-equivalent?

Any excuse to make it across to Daedalus for a beer, you understand :-)

7th Feb 2004, 06:11
There are 201 Steps at Sandquay!
Walls have ears!
Rusty if you read this apparently D113 is worth a visit!

It ain't over til the fat lady sings!

12th Feb 2004, 19:29
It matters not whether you call yourself pingers, baggers, junglies or lynxboys....
Your only role is to collect my mail, therefore you are all "posties"...