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The Nr Fairy
23rd Jan 2004, 16:00
My dad found this picture at home, and I wondered if PPRuNe could drag up any more information.


A caption on the back simply refers to a mid-air collision between two Ansons in 1940, somewhere in New South Wales.

Anyone ?

And thanks to John Eacott of Helicopter Services for hosting the picture.

23rd Jan 2004, 16:06
I've seen a remarkably similar picture of another two Ansons - in the UK - which collided on approach. IIRC the one underneath was sitting on the gear, which was no doubt groaning under the weight!

I wonder - was it the for-mating season? :p

23rd Jan 2004, 16:27
From this site http://users.chariot.net.au/~theburfs/ansonpage3.html

On 29 September 1940, the two Ansons of 2 Service Flying Training School were flying at near 1,000 ft in the Brocklesbury area. N4876 (piloted by L. Fuller, observer I. Sinclair) and L9162 (J. Hewson, observer L. Fraser) lost sight of each other. The first aircraft descended onto the other. The lower aircraft's turret became lodged in the wing root of N4876, and much of L9162's cabin was crushed. Both port engines were making strange noises.
The occupants of the lower aircraft bailed out, Hewson being obstructed by the damage and slightly injured. In the upper aircraft, Fuller decided a forced landing was possible, and ordered his observer out. Southwest of Brocklesbury he brought the two aircraft down, locked together. He was uninjured. N4876 was surprisingly undamaged and continued in use after repairs, but L9162 was only fit to continue as an instructional airframe. (

23rd Jan 2004, 16:49
Hey Cooda

All the best for the New Year to you.

When I was a kid, if my mum saw something like that happening in the front yard she would race out with the hose and spray em both with cold water until they got apart and chase him off.:p

23rd Jan 2004, 21:22
There were indeed at least two seperate incidents of dual Anson landings, and I think more. I've seen pics of IIRC two in Aus and one in Canada(?) but many years ago now.

Perhaps someone with the Anson File may be able to add more...
James K

Nil defects
25th Jan 2004, 23:57
LAC Jack Hewson who bailed out?

Would that be the same Jack Hewson who after retiring from the RAAF, flew for Tropic Air in Carnarvon for ten years up to the mid 80`s.

I believe he retired to Queensland around that time.