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22nd Jan 2004, 16:47
Concorde has now made its final "resting place" at LHR.
It is parked on the northern end of the now decomissioned runway 23 at LHR. Those landing 27R should get an excellent view.
She is parked facing southwesterly down the old 23.

Can anyone confirm if this is -AB?
The plan was for -AA toScotland and -AB to stay LHR.

Another one out in the open out in the elements....

22nd Jan 2004, 17:35
I seem to remember reading somwhere that a Concorde was going to be displayed inside Terminal 5 when its built. I also recall reading somewhere that BA had stipulated that all Concordes donated to museums had to be displayed under cover.

Ian H

22nd Jan 2004, 17:47
It's not her final resting place, she'll be part of Terminal 5 be it displayed internally or externally. Don't know which yet.

She is bolted down where she is, presumably to prevent some bearded chappy in a loud jumper* nicking off with her in the dark of night!!


*no, not Noel Edmonds.

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22nd Jan 2004, 18:20
The aircraft should have all been placed in hangers from day 1. The Intrepid museum must be the worst possible place to store put any aircraft, let alone -AD. It seems that saying 'we have plans' for a hanger was good enough for BA - I recall the Museum of Flight have had plans for years.

22nd Jan 2004, 18:53
She is going to BA T5 when this is completed.

22nd Jan 2004, 19:28
In three years she wil be in s---t order and I tend to agree best of inside.

22nd Jan 2004, 19:57
AF is currently outside behind a sorting office!

22nd Jan 2004, 20:34
Has rwy 23 been officially decomissioned?

22nd Jan 2004, 21:14
It is absolutely disgraceful that these aircraft are being left outside in the elements. They will just deteriorate, so much for preservation eh? There was this big deal prior to the final flights etc. where the a/c will go and to which home. The type of home where the aircraft goes to was in terms of relevance and suitability and that the airframes would be looked after.
What have we got? most of them being left outside. Well all of them by the sounds of it, at least for the time being.
I hope this changes.
Look at the stuff at Duxford and at Boeing Field, sun bleached paintwork and transfers flaked, corrosion, rotting rubber, cracks - not a way to retire such an aircraft with dignaty.

Not sure sure if 23 is out for good.
Maybe just while the taxiway mods are being done and the temp stands in T4 are in use.
Put it this way there is a big barracade 1/2 way down rwy23 cordoned off with dump trucks & construction equipment stored inside it. Its gonna be out of use for some time by the looks of it.

Wasnt aware of the bolts being used for this one.
Probably to stop the crosswinds blowing it over!! Crosswind runway, 23....(joke) Maybe it is to stop the bearded one from towing it away under darkness to re-appear in another livery......

Yes, I had heard rumours about T5 just as Conc retirement had been announced.

Remember the model at the tunnel enterance, slogan
"Concorde Timeless... BA ......"
answers on a postcard please.

25th Jan 2004, 10:36
It's Alpha Bravo.

AA is going to East Fortune.

From what I can gather things will be improving for Concordes. Barbados, Manchester and NYC will be constructing indoor housing for our bird.