View Full Version : Fancy a game of Cheddar Gorge?

18th Dec 2001, 06:40
Well we've played Mornington Crescent, anyone up for a round of Cheddar Gorge?

18th Dec 2001, 13:36
ok i give up
what is it? :confused:

Kermit 180
18th Dec 2001, 15:05
I have my suspicions but go on, what is it. :rolleyes:

gravity victim
18th Dec 2001, 20:06
Not complicated.

Cheddar Gorge....


Who's next?

DX Wombat
18th Dec 2001, 21:44
Enlighten me please. :confused: :confused: :confused:

19th Dec 2001, 00:43
Are we playing to the Queensbury Rules, or is a double-inversion allowed?

In which case, I'll offer Twice Brewed

tony draper
19th Dec 2001, 00:48
The Rule of subtraction.

19th Dec 2001, 00:53
Ooh - I see Draper's game ... Tricky!

OK, how about Scafell Pike - that should counter your subtraction nicely.

19th Dec 2001, 00:59
since i have absolutely no idea what you lot are on about i would just like to say
swiss cheese
ahh i feel better now :)

19th Dec 2001, 01:01
Well, I for one am completely stumped by DD's clever use of the Abstraction Rule. I leave it to someone more intelligent than I, to offer a suitable counter to her move. :eek:

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tony draper
19th Dec 2001, 01:03
Sorry Miss D, you just disqualified yourself. :(

19th Dec 2001, 01:06
but why mr draper :confused:
thats no gouda! :(

tony draper
19th Dec 2001, 01:25
Sorry Miss D, I thought they had to be geographic locations, Draper don't understand this Morningtown thingy either, someone should explain the rules to us cadets ;)

19th Dec 2001, 01:35
oh i camembert it! :cool:

19th Dec 2001, 01:36
Aha - now I see Ding's game. A cunning use of the seldomly tried Kiwi ploy.
Maybe (just maybe) she has been unfairly disqualified.

Let's see you get out of this then - Leicester

Four Seven Eleven
19th Dec 2001, 01:38
I Camembert it! I thought this would be a brie's, but I Stilton know the rules.

19th Dec 2001, 01:45
Well I think you Shropshire Blue it. The "rules" are similar to Mornington Crescent - a rather obscure spoof game show played on Radio 4 in UK... Maybe others will enlighten you further!

Don't get your Pant ys Gawn in a twist over it!!


19th Dec 2001, 01:46
i just don't give edam :p

19th Dec 2001, 02:01
This was just bound to degenerate!

OK, let's be Sirene here. You would be Feta if you would just follow the simple rules. You are getting on my Capricorn Goat. Sorry if this causes you to be Oxford Blue, but Basing the rules on Mornington Crescent was not my idea.

I rest my Kugelkase.

19th Dec 2001, 02:05
very krafty
i think that this is grate
are you fondue of it? :D

19th Dec 2001, 02:06
Oh Avaxtskyr own way.

19th Dec 2001, 02:24
dear sir or Maasdam
i hope that you can Beer Cheese, the old game was a bit Dry Jack. but maybe there Esrom for all of us.
i should keep cheese in Mycella
this is quite a Saga

19th Dec 2001, 02:41
I'll consider this Caerphilly while I look for some crackers to nibble on my way to Philadelphia.

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19th Dec 2001, 02:58
I Gammelost for words.

19th Dec 2001, 03:05
just Telemea cheese joke :)

19th Dec 2001, 03:09
I won't Celtic Promise

gas path
19th Dec 2001, 03:12
Philadelphia :confused:

tony draper
19th Dec 2001, 03:29
Kracabiscuit, East of Java.? ;)

19th Dec 2001, 03:30
i won't rest Tillamook Cheddar :p

19th Dec 2001, 03:35
... and what rules were we playing, again? This has to be the most obscure thread ever.

Does Llanboidy agree? :eek:

tony draper
19th Dec 2001, 03:50
Does Draper get Double for Gloucester.

19th Dec 2001, 03:56
As long as I can for Worcester!

19th Dec 2001, 05:04
Sorry forgot to post the rules!

We decide on a topic, say for example, "a walk through the woods", then we make up a story by adding one word at a time per post.

Think on reflection I prefer the pprune version!

By the way Emmental that...

19th Dec 2001, 12:57
Idaho Goatster!

Who has control?
19th Dec 2001, 15:21
Hey, Becks, isn't it time you Gruyere?

DX Wombat
19th Dec 2001, 16:21
Lymeswold :cool:

gas path
21st Dec 2001, 01:29
Llanboidy <img src="cool.gif" border="0">

21st Dec 2001, 01:38
Roquefort !

OK I know, I know.....

.... but I couldn't resist.

How about Gorgonzola to start things off again.

gas path
21st Dec 2001, 02:23
Blue Vein!!
oops! I think this is starting to drift again!

21st Dec 2001, 02:29
Blue Vinney

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Niaga Dessip
21st Dec 2001, 02:42
Blue Vinney?! You must be from Dorset to know that one!
N.D. <img src="tongue.gif" border="0">

tony draper
21st Dec 2001, 02:47
Blue Moon?? well there is a tenuous connection. <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

Niaga Dessip
21st Dec 2001, 02:49
For those of you who are totally mystified, "Sorry, I Haven't a Clue" is on Radio 4 in the UK and is possibly the funniest radio programme in the world. But, then again you would probably have to be English to agree with that statement! <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

21st Dec 2001, 03:11
Firstly - I do agree with that statement <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

Secondly, you can hear Radio4 from anywhere (on the web) :)

henry crun
21st Dec 2001, 06:03
Niaga Dessip: please tell us what day/time gmt this program is usually broadcast.

I'd like to get some idea of what this thread is all about.

21st Dec 2001, 16:57
Mondays 18:30 GMT

21st Dec 2001, 22:55
To listen live from somewhere outside Blighty:
<a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/" target="_blank">http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/</a>

1) They do not play Mornington Crescent too often
2) It's a fun programme anyway
3) What is going on in this thread has absolutely no relation to Mornington Crescent!
3a) You would be none the wiser, even if this DID have a relation to Mornington Crescent.

Best of all...
4) I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue is repeated on Sundays at 1204-1232 (obscure times!) GMT. So you have another option to hear it in the colonies.

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Niaga Dessip
22nd Dec 2001, 04:21
I might be wrong, but I THINK they are coming to the end of the present series, but they will be back.

22nd Dec 2001, 07:04
Here's some <a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/progs/genre/genre_comedy.shtml#sorry" target="_blank">further information</a> anyway, to whet the appetite!