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astir 8
21st Jan 2004, 20:29
It's been a while since the last thread, but in particular for Ticketyboo & Brian Dixon, possibly Poetpilot & the many many others who flew with the ATC at Halesland in the 1970's,

A photo of your old T21 Sedbergh, WJ 306 can be seen at www.rcawsey.fsnet.co.uk/bga3240.jpg

Sorry I'm too tick to post the picture on PPRune - and I apologise in advance for the rude crew flying in the picture - I'm sure well brought up cadets didn't use to do things like that!

21st Jan 2004, 20:40
Can't access the pic for some reason Astir - I'll try posting the link as an image and see what happens...


No, still can't see it, not sure if that is the cunning Web-blocker software my company employs to frustrate me, or something more sinister...

astir 8
21st Jan 2004, 21:51

It seems to be appearing OK - just huge so that all you see to start with is sky. How can we make the image smaller?

21st Jan 2004, 22:06
Astir, I've sent you a PM!