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free the renault 5
20th Jan 2004, 22:43
Azzurra an italian charter operator has had two of its A320 fleet reposessed by GATX/Air Malta.
It also has had to return one B737-700 to lessor until money is forthcoming.
Which leaves it with only one operating aircraft

Is this the end .........
Or just a new beginning

Italian Investors backed by the Seven Group are waiting in the wings to swoop in.

Further news as event warrant

21st Jan 2004, 04:38
And according to ex managment of defunct Sobelair (went bankrupt yesterday), they have some views on the remains of Sobelair.......After the try with Air Littoral, now they do the same joke with the belgians !

21st Jan 2004, 19:40
51% of Azzurra was bought by Seven Group last year, with the reamaining 49% remaining with Air Malta. Since this group has entered the scene, (the front man of this Italian group has been previously jailed for fraud, and mafia connections, it transpires), Azzurra have gone downhill (even faster).

They made promises to Air Littorall that did not tranform to fact, and the same thing happened within Azzurra itself. They keep promising an injection of cash, only to back out at the eleventh hour. They even went to the rescue of Olympic and now Sobelair!

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