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No Shoes
19th Jan 2004, 21:41
Please excuse my ignorance, as the search function is U/s.

Can anyone enlighten me on the process that Eastern takes throughout the interview; any insider knowledge on future expansion, general feelings on being on the inside, time to progress, basings, routes per basing, and approximate package offered. If this is too personal, I appologise, just any general info on them. Is there a Sim eval, Tech on the Dash 8, and any info on the Qantas Psych, and skills etc. Feel free to email in confidence if need be.


0 shoes!!!

20th Jan 2004, 06:09
No Shoes.

The Eastern recruitment process usually starts with Qantas Psyc, if successful you'll receive a phone call for interview/Sim ride. Most interview questions are about yourself and questions similar to doing an instrument renewal. Sim ride was in the Microflite(dreaded thing) with NDB into YSTW and ILS into YSSY with other airwork in between.

If successful, congratulations, basings are in Sydney, Melbourne and Mildura.

Pay is as per our EBA, about $45000- for first year F/O plus allowances, with a 28 day roster (usually get 8 RDO's and a handful of Reserves).

PM me if you have any specific questions

20th Jan 2004, 06:33
I think the sim ride will be in the B743 for future intakes. The Microflite may have passed it's 'used by date'.:)

20th Jan 2004, 14:01
Any reason why they wouldn't use a Dash 8 to do the sim ride?:confused:

21st Jan 2004, 07:10
At your final interview with Easterns, be prepared for a classic Good Cop-Bad Cop situation. Bad Cop usually management chap. Heard from the horses mouth, if Bad Cop gives you a glowing compliment after the interview has finished about how lovelly your tie is or how smartly you have presented yourself, its probably better luck next time.

Hugh Jarse
21st Jan 2004, 11:02
So it's all down to the parting compliments. He He He:} :}

Wessex, you a very funny guy!:ok:

22nd Jan 2004, 21:34
If bad cop becomes good cop at some point you have nailed it.
These people are humans and pilots when not being human, only the very best bad cop can display bad cop qualities if they become soothed that you make the grade at some point in the interview:ok:

23rd Jan 2004, 10:45
Speedjet, is it the same psych. test that Qantas use?
In other words, if you missed out on that , is there any point persuing Eastern/Qantaslink?

23rd Jan 2004, 11:00
I presume it is the same as Qantas, as I actually did Pysch for Qantas years before I got the call for Eastern interview after they got results from Qantas from that attempt

Chocks Away
23rd Jan 2004, 17:17
It's the same QF Stage 1, only Easterns are looking for a slightly different profile to that of Long Haul... being a direct slot into a control seat and all that...going into some interesting/dodgey places OCTA... (in this new airspace too:} )

Keep the blue up.:ok: