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19th Jan 2004, 19:09
We spend much time in depression with regard to aircraft that are past saving. What about the B707 Saudi Government that underwent a major in 1999 and has sat at Southend eversince. That would be an excellant a/c to save as it was in satisfactory flying condition. I feel sure that it would grace the Duxford static parking area.

Is there anyone that knows anything about its ownership at present. Ex Heavy staff that did the major on it told me although it is still registered to the Saudi Government, it was under the control of BAe who paid for the work and perhaps took the a/c as part-ex for the sale of Hawks to RSAF and as the 707 was one of the first Saudi VIPs it was to be returned after major as a gift.

Better still perhaps someone on the SEN airport staff can confirm who pays the parking fees which after three years must be significant.

20th Jan 2004, 01:00
I agree it's a shame to see this magnificent bird deteriorate, but on the other hand Duxford already has more large airframes than they can easily keep maintained, and nicely restored aircraft go back out on the ramp, gradually deteriorate and need repainting again. The revised super hangar already appears to be fully subscribed...

There is a 707 preserved at Cosford (and an ex-BOAC machine at that), so it seems to me that there would be little prospect of getting 123 preserved in the UK.

Sorry to be down on this, but sadly I think we have to be realistic... :(

On the other hand, now that Branson's got his licence (I assume, else how is he going to be backup pilot for Global Virgin or whatever it's called), wouldn't he like a nice vintage jetliner to ferry his mates about in, a la Travolta... Even if he painted it in Virgin house colours (preferably the old ones)... :)

21st Jan 2004, 01:23
I believe that the present HZ-123 is owned by Prince Bandar, the Saudi Ambassador to the USA, you could always write to him. Its possible that he was the owner of the previous 123.


21st Jan 2004, 03:58
Prince Bandar also owns HZ-124 and nice shiny A340 sometimes seen at very secret airbase near Oxford.