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19th Jan 2004, 01:12
Any suggestions on Vnkt approche for B747 going for first time:sad:

19th Jan 2004, 02:10
VNKT = Kathmandu?

Check out the new RNAV approach, it should be a lot easier. Also suggest that you are very aware of the missed approach path.



19th Jan 2004, 23:56
Hi aviatorpk,
the critacal part of the approach is from 10 to 4 nm on the approach rwy 02, it requires a rod of 2100fmn to meet the profile, which results in high ias/tas/Gs coupled with a tail wind component, high elavation effect is another factor. it is required to configure the a/c flaps full and gear down by noppen from where the approach for rwy 02 begins.this time of the year you get morning fog which clears by about 8 in morning. on the G/A do deviate from the procudere as the terrain is pretty close and pretty high.

i meant do not deviate on the G/A prcedure, sorry

20th Jan 2004, 00:48
Thanks for your advice