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28th Oct 2001, 01:50
I am really really (really!) peed off.

At the country pub today, enjoying an extra cold Guiness. Come out to the car park to find the car had 'rolled' across the car park, over the owners plant pots and through his fence.

He had parked his car in front of mine, and demanded at least 40 before I was allowed to leave.

Well I paid the 40 (a lot of money for an unemployed pilot!) - my saturday night money gone!

Im sure the damage was only 5 tops. How can I get my money back????????? (some something back!)

tony draper
28th Oct 2001, 01:19
Sounds like demanding money with menaces to me, go see a brief, have the ****** nicked, then sue, you know bad dreams, flash backs, anxiety, ect.

28th Oct 2001, 01:20

When I was a student, you could get three pints of Ruddles, two packets of crisps AND still have change from a pound... :(

28th Oct 2001, 01:27
If your car went through the fence 40 doesn't sound too bad. It's cheaper than getting the handbrake fixed!

And another thing....in the Nottingham University Buttery in the late 60s, a pound would buy you ten pints of bitter, and you would have enough left over for a half and a packet of crisps. This lunchtime we bought three pints of Stella and paid 8.10!

28th Oct 2001, 01:30
Oh UR.....

and I thought I was showing my age !!

tony draper
28th Oct 2001, 01:55
Huh!, I remember when you could buy a house for ten pounds. ;)
Anyway why didn't you call the constabulary Mr K, of course that may not have worked out to your advantage either, they might have done you for leaving the vehicle in a dangerous condition, but I'm sure they would have told that guy to shift his car bloody double quick.

28th Oct 2001, 03:40
Sorry td, I can see the policeman now: "Sorry, it's a civil matter. Can't help"

28th Oct 2001, 04:03
... or the nasty glint that suddenly appears in his eye as he catches a blast of Guiness breath.

"Ahh... and exactly how many had you had before you drove the car through this fence? " asks Mr Plod totaly ignoring your feeble handbrake storey.

when I were a lad, lessee at 9d for a pint of sludge and 1 and 6d for a packet of Smiffs so that's... cor an evenings entertainment

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28th Oct 2001, 22:01
One Friday night in the late 60s, my local hostelry, the 'Rose and Crown' in Salisbury, increased the price of a pint of bitter from 1 shilling and 10 pence to 1 shilling and 11 pence (still less than 10p in rip-off decimal washers). We left and crossed the road to 'The Swan' where it was a penny cheaper. I can't afford pubs now so have to be content with a 440 ml can of p!ss that costs a quid in Tescos.

Yours, in impecunious retirement, etc.

28th Oct 2001, 22:09
I was in the aforementioned Thames Valley pub again today. There was a tray of delicacies on the bar, and I said to Roger the barman "this is a nice change!"
"Don't get too excited" he said. "we had a funeral yesterday, and not too many people turned up".

29th Oct 2001, 01:35
Great to hear just how cheap booze was. I was in Thames Valley restaurant the other day and the water bill, yes the water bill came to 30!!! You don't want to know what the rest of the bill for 4 of us was....trust me. And me a pilot officer!

29th Oct 2001, 04:01
wow lucky they didn't stiff you with the electric bill and the rates as well . If you used the washrooms you would prob have got a sewage bill.

29th Oct 2001, 06:36
Im not sure if this topic is about beer or handbrakes.
If it's beer then you will simply have to pay the market price.
If it's handbrakes then may I delicately suggest that, if you have a manual shift, never leave it in neutral, leave it in first or reverse. That way it would take a very steep incline to overcome handbrake failure.
It is amazing how many people do not take this elementary precaution and wonder why their car rolls down a hill and causes damage.

29th Oct 2001, 10:15
After reading about the beer in Nottingham Uni's buttery, I cast my mind back to the sixties and yes, beer really was around 10P a pint. But there was only twenty five quid in the weekly pay packet. Without going deep into the sums I just rattled off an analysis revealing that I was paid 6.2 pints per hour in 1966 and, if I was still in the same job, would be getting 7.8 pints per hour today. A significant improvement in the standard of living!

In 1966 there was no drink driving problem - on an LAE's wages you couldn't afford to drive a car. (I was once done for being drunk in charge of a bicycle) Today the price of a small family saloon car for a young, newly qualified technician has fallen from the 1996 price of a years pay to just four months pay.

The conclusion? Beer is slightly cheaper than it was back in the "good old days" while cars are much cheaper. The swinging sixties provided better value for bread, clothes, sex, recreational drugs and pickled onions but little else.

Pay the forty quid, learn your lesson and always remember - as you get older its much harder to get laid and much easier to get pissed.

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