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27th Oct 2001, 16:30
(Apologies to the Europeans for the Ozcentric subject matter...)

Never in my life of following sport very closely have I so badly wished for a sportsperson, let alone an Aussie, to be beaten, even humiliated. His latest foot-in-mouth effort is bringing a smile to my face, and it will be a huge grin if he finds himself unable to pursue his dream of riches because of his flapping mouth, and a roar of delight if he does get his title fight and then gets sat on his @rse.

Funnily enough, it's not the content of his rant that concerns me; seems to me there are an awful lot of hypocritical slips showing since Sept 11 from the so-called defenders of free speech, but that is another argument. It could even be argued that he's just another self-important athlete/movie star/Famous Person pronouncing views on subjects he should stay out of. But I've had to listen to this self-styled legend do his poor man's Muhammad Ali imitation for several years, and he sickens me. He is the antithesis of a sportsman.

I don't swallow for one minute the line that he's really a nice kid and the boasting is just showbiz, though there's no doubt that despite his pseudo-moral pontifications about "my people" he is a grubby money-chaser. I don't know how many Aussies read his claim during the week that if he beats one more non-entity and becomes world champion he will deserve to be up there with Muhammad Ali and Don Bradman, but it was the last straw for me.

Hubris was closer than I expected, however. The Man, the Greatest Athlete in the World, ho feared nobody and apologized to no man because he knew best, was suddenly ducking, back-pedalling and, pathetically, apologizing because the one thing he cares about, money, may have been endangered.
Ohh, how sweet it was to watch!

What I'd really like is for an unknown New Zealander to knock him out, but hey, a German will do. Go the German!!!!


:mad: :mad: :mad:

Phew! That's better!

27th Oct 2001, 17:23
I remember that numbnut ranting about not being selected for the Australian Rugby League team or it may have even been the State team, I can't remember. He reckoned it was because he was black and generally having a go at the selectors. It turned out that they didn't select him as they were going to select him for a position on an All Aborigine team. They then decided that he wasn't worth putting on that team either and embarrassing the rest of the players.
His mouth has done his reputation a lot of damage.

27th Oct 2001, 17:44
That's the one, Reddo. The person he was complaining about not replacing was one Brad Fittler.

Remember too his retreat from the Brisbane Broncos having spent most of the season in reserve grade under the most successful coach of the 90's. He grumbled that it was good to get back to his old team where he was The Man, not part of that bunch where nobody respected his towering abilities.

Feeton Terrafirma
28th Oct 2001, 04:56
Really guys, he's a nobody and a no brain to boot, why sweat it?

Four Seven Eleven
28th Oct 2001, 05:04
Yes, a tosser, but one who enjoys that greatest of all freedoms -freedom of speech.

What right does the WBC or anyone have to strip him of his boxing world rankings because of his opinions on a political matter?

Long live freedom of speech. Don't let the *&^%%s take that away from us.