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15th Jan 2004, 09:05
Thurs "Herald Sun"

Horror at 30,000 feet
Date January 15th, 2004
Source Herald-Sun

Mid-air scare as woman strips on `flight from hell'

TERRIFIED airline passengers endured an hour-long tirade by a woman who stripped topless and shouted they would all die in a September 11-style tragedy.

A passenger on the Virgin Blue flight from Hobart to Melbourne last Thursday said it was the "flight from hell".

But the pilot on Flight DJ145, thanking passengers for their patience, passed it off as an "environmental anomaly".

The passenger, who wanted to be known only as Ally, described the ordeal as frightening.

"Everyone was pretty freaked out. By the time we landed, the whole plane applauded," she said. "We all got off and said, `That was the flight from hell '."

Ally said the woman should have been removed before the packed 737 crossed Bass Strait at 30,000ft.

"You could see that she was really nervous or something, and she just started freaking out a bit," said Ally, who was sitting opposite the woman. "We took off to taxi down to the runway and that's when she flipped out. "

Ally said the woman stood up, put her arms out and yelled: "Stop the plane, stop the plane -- get me off this plane. I've had a vision. I was in a backpacker's last night; you have got to listen to me. This is the next 9/11; we are all going to die. "

Ally, who was travelling with her partner and two children aged five and 10 months, said the flight attendant calmed the woman and settled her back in her seat.

"I said to the flight attendant, `She's freaking me out.' The flight attendant said: `We have to go; it's too much trouble to turn back'. "

After sitting on the tarmac for 10 minutes, the pilot decided to take off.

"They just made a huge mistake," Ally said. When the jet was airborne, the woman "flipped out" again, took off her top and bra, and yelled for the plane to stop.

"She just absolutely went psycho," Ally said.

"She was yelling, standing up, raising her arms.

"My initial thought was (she was a) female terrorist, suicide bomber kind of thing.

"She really didn't know what she was doing when we took off, and her mental state just got worse and worse as the plane was in the air. "

When the jet landed, Australian Protective Service officers boarded the plane and escorted the woman away.

It is understood the 23-year-old woman was released into the custody of her parents, who live in Melbourne. She has not been charged.

Virgin Blue spokeswoman Amanda Bolger confirmed the cabin supervisor consulted the captain before take-off and they agreed the woman was not a safety risk.

"We believe that despite this person's unusual behaviour, it did not affect the safety of passengers or the aircraft," she said.

"We appreciate that her behaviour may have upset guests seated near her.

"We also need to stipulate she wasn't aggressive; she wasn't threatening anybody or the aircraft. "

Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson said it did not appear there was any threat to the safety of

the aircraft.

"It sounds like someone was psychologically disturbed and caused a few problems on the flight," he said.

"The crew had to make a judgment and they made one."

A spokesman for Federal Transport Minister John Anderson said the situation was best judged by the crew.

Opposition transport spokesman Martin Ferguson urged the Department of Transport and Virgin Blue to discuss the incident to determine how best to deal with such passengers in the future


On Track
15th Jan 2004, 09:34
Not quite on the topic, but why do Virgin Blue call passengers "guests"?

For that matter, why did Ansett call them "customers"?

What's wrong with the time-honoured legally correct term "passengers"?

Buster Hyman
15th Jan 2004, 10:27
Well, if you don't like the DJ inflight "entertainment", make up your own! It's not like you'll be charged with anything!:hmm:

15th Jan 2004, 11:07
A 23 year old woman gets her gear off??? Hmmm I've had some flights from hell before and I don't think that qualifys :E

Did any of the passengers get photos of the incident?? Purely from an investigative perspective of course!

High Altitude
15th Jan 2004, 11:07
:O Look, I think the most important question here is.........



15th Jan 2004, 11:48
"woman stripped topless" unquote

"we all got off" unquote

Crikey Woomera, where do they get this stuff?


23 year old - topless?? :ok:

Don't ask me. I was not on the flight.

Sadly! :{


Love Monkey
15th Jan 2004, 12:14
At least there was no reference to rooting monkeys there Currawong......

15th Jan 2004, 12:33
"The crew had to make a judgement and they made one."

Good one guys and girls.

I wonder how the cleaners enjoyed cleaning the seat after she got off.

QF skywalker
15th Jan 2004, 13:39
Welcome to the world of low air fares and all that they bring with them - including the Mcafferty's Bus customers. I bet she checked in with a kiwi samsonite also.

15th Jan 2004, 13:42

Cleaners ??

Why employ cleaners when you can make your FA's do it ??

15th Jan 2004, 14:16
Must be standard on 'HOOTERS' airlines

Feeton Terrafirma
15th Jan 2004, 14:50
I have heard that Virgin have unusual in flight entertainment but I didnt know it was THAT good!!! :ok:

I wonder if Jetstar will have topless performers also?

Howard Hughes
15th Jan 2004, 15:12
Quote: "My initial thought was (she was a) female terrorist, suicide bomber kind of thing."

How long have breasts been used to conceal explosive devices?



Pinky the pilot
15th Jan 2004, 15:53
It really makes one wonder just what some people can apparently get away with. All the media reports I've seen indicate that the individual concerned was'nt even given some form of a 'caution' ie a severe talking to!
All the same 'though........High Altitude; Now you've done it!! Now you've got me wondering!!:O

You only live twice. Once when
you're born. Once when
you've looked death in the face.

100% N1
15th Jan 2004, 18:42
Of course she'll get off with nothing, who in their right mind would charge a 23 year old female for indecent exposure :ok:

15th Jan 2004, 19:00
This is degenerating faster than the Oz Jobs thread.

All the usual suspects....

High Altitude
16th Jan 2004, 05:33
Captain my Captian or First Officer of said flight...

You can't honestly tell us you didn't get a look... No phone happy snaps?

It was a simple question... Good or bad...

the road atlas
16th Jan 2004, 05:39
Hey Howard,
Quote: "My initial thought was (she was a) female terrorist, suicide bomber kind of thing."

How long have breasts been used to conceal explosive devices?


Ummmm, where have you been son, your misses has never exploded???, Come home at 6am drunk with a bit of lipstick on ya neck, that'el do it. Dunno if it's just me but I have whitnessed many "explosive devives" detonate from now where, you must be good at covering your tracks !!!!!

only pun intended......

And NG 100 % , although hooters in flight eye candy is very pleasent, I do think there maybe some 23yo bodies out there you just don't want to see !!!!!!

Other than that, we can only imagine............:ok:

16th Jan 2004, 05:47
I take it you never heard of a fembot. "machine gun jubblies, how did I miss those baby!"

16th Jan 2004, 06:01
:D I've been warning the authorities for years that shiellas' tits are a potential threat to air safety. I volunteered to set up a gatelounge "sqeeze test" booth at SYD but they wouldn't have it.

bush mechanics
16th Jan 2004, 20:37
I would be worried if there were some colored wires coming from her chest puppys!!
Crikeys,Hope old Daisy dosnt get her sagged to the knee tittys out in the back of the 210.I would find a bit of loose change under the seat though!

Ralph the Bong
17th Jan 2004, 14:06
NOTHIN is too much trouble to return to the gate when some passenger flips out. I really do wonder if the incident transpired as described. The Captain would have to be as crazy as this female passenger to continue with a psycho on board.

17th Jan 2004, 16:39
Some time ago in the 1980s I think, I was training Ansetts training manager at the time [not JR] on the B767.
Just as we were about to roll at Perth the flight attendent entered the cockpit and said that a female pax was sitting on a male paxs lap singing dirty ditties and would not get off.
The a/c was full and it was a 3+ hour flight.
I sat back and waited to see what our illustrious commander would do and to my supprise he told the girl to take her seat and we would sort it out on the way.
I placed my hands over the power leavers and called the tower for a clearance to return to the gate and requested the police be in attendance.
As the commander taxied back I made an apology for the delay to the pax.
The female was removed by a large NZ Maroi policeman to the applause
of some of the pax.
To me the offender has few rights and it is the rights of the people who were going to be subject to her nonsence that is paramount. Our delay was about 15 minutes and we were later thanked by a number of pax for my decision.
The flight attendants were also appreciative as they were probably going to have a hard time on that 3 hour flight.
I would be suspicious of any Captain who could not make this simple decision provided he has all the facts.

19th Jan 2004, 09:30
I can't resist....sigh!.....Isn't there something in the reg's about puppies and waterproof mats....?!!!!!

:ok: :E

19th Jan 2004, 10:10
?I placed my hands over the power leavers and called the tower for a clearance to return to the gate and requested the police be in attendance hey glastar, "Training Manager" hey? I cant believe they went bust with guys like you! Sounds like you were so cool in that situation, got any more tales of your "heroism-amongst-dunder-headed-Clouseau-esqe-wally-pilots" ?

Hmmm... wonder what Walter Mitty's up to these days :rolleyes:

19th Jan 2004, 10:18
Rumour has it that the passenger is now going to be charged with an offence under the Vagrancy Act

...............no visible means of support :) :) :)


19th Jan 2004, 13:31
The epitomy of CRMI placed my hands over the power leavers and called the tower for a clearance to return, an, As the commander taxied back I made an apology for the delay to the pax. I did'nt now that ANSett had aproved single pilot operatons for there B767.
You sounds like your a REAL hero when ya do that sorta stuff glassass.