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Mirkin About
26th Oct 2001, 04:30
Can anyone point me at a site where I can get some forms for this revered office game , I have found someone who has not heard of the concept and don't have any examples to show them . :)

26th Oct 2001, 04:34

Mirkin About
26th Oct 2001, 04:40
LUVERLY thanks very much. Should raise a laugh at the next meeting. :cool:

29th Oct 2001, 07:49
I distributed it around the office here, some people failed to get the joke....


Mind you they were the ones that regularly cause bingos :) :) :)

29th Oct 2001, 09:17
We (company name omitted to protect the innocent - although the astute amongst you could work it out!) used to play this in management meetings. The secretary would keep a "master" card score to avoid cheating (the high stakes were high). The real problem was that it was too easy - our director would reel off most of the words in the first minute or so. Much frivolity was had though, which has to be the main thing. :D

Now you have inspired me to resurrect this time-honored tradition!

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