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26th Oct 2001, 01:57
This is the latest "power to the people/stuff media producers" e-mail to go round...I'm going to vote for him!

"Can I urge you not to ignore this, remember that sufficient individuals were moved to register themselves as Jedi Knights in the last census, so many that Jedi Knight has now been recognised as a religion under "others" by the office of census.

Pete Waterman has contributed little to the benefit of popular music,the rest of the judges are smug and anodyne and large people are fun.

The Fat Bloke Must Win Pop Idol

Ok, this Fat Bloke who's in the last 50 contestants of Pop Idol - he can sing, there's no doubt about that - but there's no way he's one's idea of a Pop Idol.

Clearly, the 4 judges have put him in the last 50 to show how sensitive, politically correct and non-sizist they are. They are obviously relying on the British public to not vote for him.

Let's make it all back-fire on Waterman et al - don't forget, this is the man who gave us BIG FUN and SONIA !!!!!!!!

So, when the public phone voting starts for ITVs POP IDOL, remember.......


Please pass this on to as many people as you can - We Will Make A Difference..........."

:D :D :D

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tony draper
26th Oct 2001, 02:09
WADDAYA MEAN,Waterman was brilliant in Minder. ;)

28th Oct 2001, 03:51
It's official, he got through to the last 50 tonight so his fate is in our hands....vote for the fat bloke!!

Transition Layer
28th Oct 2001, 05:51
For a second I thought you guys were talking about Kim Beazley (overweight Leader of the Opposition in Australia).

Bio Warrior
28th Oct 2001, 07:01
I thought he ment santa, I was wondering whether Santa had turned to politics to rid the world of small children so he could have a rest in December....

28th Oct 2001, 15:07
I`ll vote for him if he promises not to come and sit next to me or sweat on the wallpaper etc

28th Oct 2001, 22:48
Exactly Eric, I felt the same way - he shall get my vote.

At least he could lose weight if necessary, but with some of the others, they'd need a voice transplant.

29th Oct 2001, 06:29
Gets my vote cos he is the only one who seems to be a genuine nice bloke.

He may be a big guy, but at least he doesn't appear to have the overinflated ego that the rest seem to suffer.