View Full Version : NOTAM: Oct 27th Possible Red Spot behind the Moons 1st Quarter Terminator

25th Oct 2001, 19:27
I hope Danny will indulge me on this.

An experiment using a gazillion personal laser pointers from everywhere to try and paint a red spot on moon.

Go here for details

James Downey,a writer,is trying a little experiment which he hopes will unite us all a for a moment in these troubled times and get our focus outside the world for a moment.

Any of you operating that night will have a grandstand view and may be able to see it more clearly than those on the ground.
It may also be a good time NOT to be looking down. ;)
I haven't done the UTC math from US time but the details are on the site.

I am sure Jim would appreciate any reports from on high.

I think it's a fantastic idea. :cool:

25th Oct 2001, 19:41
Nice idea. But the impracticality of holding a laser pointer steady (a wobble of 1mm at arm's length will move the spot nearly 600km at moon-distance) combined with the natural divergence of the beam (even a laser isn't dead-straight) means that it ain't gonna work.

25th Oct 2001, 20:00
An Ex of mine used to call me laser tongue, its hot and gets strait to the point.....
Oh oh, wrong thread..!!!!

The Nr Fairy
25th Oct 2001, 20:35

Mine's hot, and it gets narrower towards the point just like yours.

Have I borrowed your tongue, or have you got mine ?

25th Oct 2001, 22:06
I believe the americans left prisms on the moon designed to send laser beams directly back to the source (used for measuring earth-moon distance) would be interesting to see all the nutters dazzling themselves when they hit the wring spot

tony draper
25th Oct 2001, 22:09
Fell a bit doubtful about this myself, the full moon is about the size of a asprin held at arms length, unless you have your laser mounted on a telescope with a alt azimuth or computer controled mount, you would be very lucky to hold it steady on the moons disk let alone a specific location on the surface, especialy with no feedback to your eye.
However I will have a peek, ;)

26th Oct 2001, 04:56
I agree with the technical issues, but wouldn't it be terrific if it sparked some kids (Big ones as well) imagination and sent him off on the path to somewhere fascinating :D

I hope to be surprised by the number that will participate using whatever method, and whilst they are there they may just have a look at the other wonders out there.

26th Oct 2001, 14:55
All they need to do is to shine their pointers into each other's eyes. Then (provided of course that they don't blind themselves!), the retinal afterimage will make the red spot appear on the moon! :D :rolleyes:

27th Oct 2001, 16:13
no, it would make a cyan image appear on the moon.

Brown and Sticky
30th Oct 2001, 12:59
well what happened, I was in the pub