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25th Oct 2001, 05:52
Life has been a little on the testy side lately, and I am feeling in desperate need of some time away. Have just had some leave approved for January, and am thinking that I should make the most of the opportunity and 'go somewhere nice'.

So...am looking for advice here :) Does anyone have any first hand experience of somewhere nice and relaxing - somewhere you would go back to, or have fond memories of, or would recommend in the blink of an eye....or should I just stick to what I know and head for my favourite B&B in the Hills....

Suggestions greatly appreciated.


Mirkin About
25th Oct 2001, 06:21
Have to say my first choice if you don't want to go too far is Kangaroo Island, relatively quiet , reasonable packages from Adelaide (you can take the car ) and some of the best seafood and excellent local wines .mmmmm Dudley Brothers Shiraz.

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25th Oct 2001, 07:17
Maui :cool:

25th Oct 2001, 07:19
I hadn't even thought of KI...and it could almost be considered an o/s holiday without associated hassles!

Maui...definitely a possiblity also...

25th Oct 2001, 08:56
So far my favorite has been Phuket, Tailand. Unfortunately was there for a business conference, so not much relaxing going on.

Definately a place I would like to take a romantically inclined lady though.

The Nr Fairy
25th Oct 2001, 12:09

"Romantically inclined" = "flat on her back the whole time" ?

tony draper
25th Oct 2001, 12:29
Draper had a good time in a place called Port Pirie,long time ago, can't remember if it was at the top or bottom of Aussy or the left or right hand side, if you go there, tell them it was Draper who stole the large bell from the main street.
Is Port Pirie still there?. ;)
ps,Draper had a girlfriend there called Lynn she was a nurse, she rolled her own ciggies, one handed ,like John Wayne.

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25th Oct 2001, 12:43
Draper, PtPirie is indeed still there, and about a 3 hr drive from where I am...not really my idea of a nice relaxing holiday spot...something about all that smoke belching from the lead smelter...


tony draper
25th Oct 2001, 13:46
I remember there was a railway line crossing the main street, went on a safari from there, looking at them big jumpin rabbits you got there, good beer as as I recal, proper pint glasses not them silly little schooners.
Can't remember what we carried ,might have been bird sh*t from Naru.
Strange place it was, I think I was the first human they had seen wearing a suit. ;)

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25th Oct 2001, 14:43
Pt Pirie is not far from Pt Augusta, affectionately known as Pt Agutter...for very appropriate reasons I might add...all very dry and desolate, but the Flinders Ranges are not far away, and they are just fabulous and well worth a visit :)

But I don't want somewhere dry and desolate..I want somewhere where I can relax, be pampered a little..I don't think Pt Pirie or Pt Agutter fit those criteria!


tony draper
25th Oct 2001, 14:59
Ah well Min, its many years since Draper strode the red dust of Aus, it was a different place then, Hard folks, huge, musculer, unshaven, and tatooed, the men were quite rough also.
I remember Sydney,it rained all the time,made me quite homesick we docked at a place called Wooloomooloo, I was arrested for being sober, and spent a night in the cells, honest thats the true. ;)

25th Oct 2001, 15:59
Ah, lovely Phuket - I go there at least once a year. Off back there for the month of February, and can't wait.

Consider Marina Cottage, a seriously romantic small hotel with no horrid British package tour type people.

25th Oct 2001, 18:14
Min... long time no newz! Anyway, if you don't mind competing with cyclones and ME ;) then Cairns is just the spot for you! Coincidentally :rolleyes: , I'll be there in the early part of January... :eek: :D

PP... Are you gunna Phuket again? Shame on you! :D

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25th Oct 2001, 19:55
min, come to England....?

25th Oct 2001, 20:03
Januray in England? I have been warned that that is the coldest wettest most miserable month of the year over here. Or was that February? :eek: I'll be in sunny Sydney in Jan. :D

Bird Strike
25th Oct 2001, 20:18

Try Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast. They have a nice spa there with pamparing being available. I've never been there, but it is allegedly very nice.

26th Oct 2001, 06:00
have seen piccies of the place on the Gold Coast, BS, and it did look nice...although KI was a stroke of genius...esp if there's good seafood and wine. And beach..that deserve serious consideration.

Phuket sounds ok if you're 'with someone' - what about if you're not?? Does it make any differenc overall?


PS Thanks muchly for the suggestions :) Am forever indebted...

26th Oct 2001, 08:32
Try Sal Island.

I really enjoyed that place.
A (as in only one) hotel on the beach. Good food, very clean and clear water. No crowds, teens, music, no nothing except a French top-less, lesbian couple walking the beach holding hands.

(The TowerDog is extremly liberal when it involves top-less lesbians.)

A good place to write a book, read a book or just think.

May be a bit far from Oz, but hey, airfare is reasonably cheap these days.

Any others been to Sal?

26th Oct 2001, 17:18

I've been to Phuket both with the other half and on my own - works well for me both ways (no prizes for guessing which I prefer???).

26th Oct 2001, 17:27
:mad: What is this post doing in Jet blast, shouldn't it be in the Nightstop forum/
Anyway don't do Phuket in Jan. The Island went down the drain within the last 4 years. I used to live there for 2 yrs and it all about cheap tour groups now.
Go to Krabi or choose one of the smaller islands in the south. Phuket has lost all its charm to mass tourism

27th Oct 2001, 03:00
If you think Fiji has settled down...

I had an excellent holiday on Beachcomber (Tai Island). Tiny island accessable by boat from Latauka. Takes about 20 minutes to walk around. Get a bure about 30 feet from the shore. Clearest water I've ever seen - could almost see as far underwater as above water. Coral, lots of fish, rays, great Fiji Bitter beer, champers, food and people (few of them). Very basic but a real reset. For a slightly more upscale holiday, Treasure Island has more ammentities and is 1/4 mile away. Check out their websight. :)