View Full Version : Are two Dicks better than one? (New Avcharging)

13th Jan 2004, 03:01
Given the significant angst over the efficiencies allegedly introduced by NAS, the 2 Dicks may well get their way. Dick Smith wants the airspace to continue to roll-out and Dick Branson wants some pricing efficiency – rumour has it that the next phase post NAS2C will include revelations about the pricing restructure.

Current issues include dropping avgas levy altogether such that VFRs will pay only for the service they want, and flexible terminal charging such that users who require premium services pay for them. “No delays into Sydney – sure we can accommodate that.” – 5% premium over standard fees. Virgin would save significantly in peak fuel costs due holding reductions that would more than cover the 5% premium.

The sweetener for big Dick Airspace Reformer would be that the roadblocks being put in place by the heavy metal end of Australian aviation would magically disappear… Money rules.

Dick N. Cider
13th Jan 2004, 05:56
Of course 2 dicks are better than one - ask any shark. This aside it sounds like this would be a slot auction. Best price gets no delay, following traffic pays reducing terminal charges until you get the next to nothing deal where you land when Airservices gets around to it!

Anything that makes VFR free both money and tracking wise has got to be good, doesn't it?

13th Jan 2004, 08:15
Hah sounds fairly typical. I can see the arguments over the air ground. 'Brisbane what is that QFA 76 paying you. I'll DOUBLE IT!' then the QFA dude will pipe up 'Hang on I'll see your double and raise you a half (in the back ground is heard...climb crossing climb! climb crossing climb! climb, climb now! as one of the hear no evil see all evil smashers of bugs ploughs across his bow as all this bartering takes away from see and avoid)

I wonder what the AIP approved currency will be for these bartering sequences? Will the Americans be assumed to be bidding in US dollars? What about the POMS? Sterling? We have a winner! Will ATC have to disperse congregations of aircraft in holding patterns so that they don't pose a terrorist threat because they forgot their wallet or it is the day before pay day?

Australian Aviation. Beautiful one day, dicked the next.

14th Jan 2004, 19:19
Would all you dickheads above give us all a break.

Like most things in this big cruel world, aviation has to undergo change. It cannot live in the 60's and 70's and I have been around too since the 'good old days' of DCA.

There is obviously a lot of angst among the full-time RPT pilot fraternity, most of it unwarranted.
The NAS and other reforms can work although may need some adjustments over time with sensible feedback and suggestions.

A lot of sqawking going on and most of it politically motivated.

Good on yer Dick ! (and others).

14th Jan 2004, 19:37
A lot of sqawking going on Shame it's not going on in VFR aircraft. Might give the RPT guy's TCAS half a chance.

Any change is good change, right? Yeh, right.

It cannot live in the 60's and 70's It doesn't. But that's where NAS comes from. Maybe you should do some research? If you want to 'reform' the airspace, changing to a dated US model can hardly be "sensible".

oh, andalthough may need some adjustments over time with sensible feedback and suggestions what do you think the professionals are trying to achieve? Why don't you try and suggest some changes, and see where it get's you? Then you might understand the frustration being vented here.

most of it politically motivated Now you're talking. There can be no other reason for NAS except politics.

14th Jan 2004, 19:47
Don't waste you time George, he/it is the latest sacrifice at the altar via AOPA.