View Full Version : Jetconnect hiring ?

11th Jan 2004, 23:53
Does anybody know if Jetconnect is hiring B737 drivers and whats the outfit like to work for..bases etc..

Cheers ;)

Jet Man
13th Jan 2004, 16:39
Jetconnect have been expanding and, from what their pilots say, they will be expanding even more - so I guess they're hiring! Bases are Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch I think. Guys seem to be happy there. Last time I looked applications were via pilotstaffcv unless you know the right people!

14th Jan 2004, 15:19
Jet man,

Thanks for the info, it would appear there's a shortage of B737 rated pilots in NZ.


16th Jan 2004, 05:52
you are going to need experience on type, not just the rating alone

rescue 1
19th Jan 2004, 12:55
Not quite! Experience preferred but not essential...so I was told.