View Full Version : You know it is autmn because....

24th Oct 2001, 04:03
... it was foggy for a couple of days last week and some a$$holes are STILL running around with their fog lights blazing

24th Oct 2001, 05:15
Well, it's supposedly spring here, tho I'm not sure you'd know it...

However, you know it's Autumn in Australia because that's when you have glorious weather...days that are warm, and nights that are perfect for sitting outside on having a quiet drink.... :)


24th Oct 2001, 08:46
All summer Mrs Eagle had a large bump where her tummy used to be.
Now it's autumn we have a baby girl and Mrs E's midriff is slowly going back to normal.
We normally dread the end of summer, but this year we welcomed it, along with our own little supermodel (more costume changes than Linda Evangelista).
:D :D and :D again.

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24th Oct 2001, 09:26
Congrats Eagle18th - on the new arrival! :) Love'em both lots.

dAAvid -

Travelling Toolbox
24th Oct 2001, 09:39
Let's see:
Eyes itchy = Check
Nose running = check
sneezing till it hurts = check

Yup! must be spring in this neck of the woods. :D :D :D :D

I just LOOOVVVEEE winter cos everything green and sneezy is either dead or asleep. :p

BTW Eagle18th Congratulations!

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24th Oct 2001, 10:22
Congrats Eagle/Mrs Eagle on arrival of Eaglet.. :) Another excuse for a drink...just what I need :)


24th Oct 2001, 21:51
They remove the green plastic plants and replace them withthe brown plastic plants ....

Of course in soFlo, there is no season ...

24th Oct 2001, 22:17
The sudden decrease in exposed female flesh on the high street/ at the supermarket etc.

Roll on next summer!

25th Oct 2001, 01:54
Because it snowed 3" today.

Cisco Kid
25th Oct 2001, 04:20
Itīs Autumn when the French Ladies put their tights on ,& Spring when they wax their legs & go ītightlessībut how do they all manage to achieve this at practically the same time countrywide? a coded message in a magazine perhaps .

Perhaps itīs the phase of the moon ? someone out there in PPruneland must know!

25th Oct 2001, 15:37
Its Autumn when the monsoons come to Stapleford, when I fall over 8 times trying to pull a Cessna out of the mud, and when Essex reverts to paddy field mode.

26th Oct 2001, 18:59
It's autumn, because my hands are shaking during the after-landing checks :eek:

26th Oct 2001, 19:36
Aaaaghhh so; the intolerant one has reappeared to whom all are .....oles. Speak child so we may all wonder at the pearls which fall from your lips. Truley a childs toy

Flying Farmer
27th Oct 2001, 14:07
Its autumn, hooray, all those *****ng caravans have dissapeared. Why on gods earth do people go away and enjoy c******g in a bucket for weeks on end !!!

DHC Twin
27th Oct 2001, 18:27
Foglights are the worst invention ever to be introduced to cars.They should be banned and those using them shot. :p