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10th Jan 2004, 03:50
Just before 6.30 tonight and unmistakeable sound loomed nearer in the skies over us, a large, nay very large turbo prop was inbound to BZN. It was dark, too dark to see but I'll stake my next months salary that there is an AN22 sat on the pan and Brize tonight.The other sure bet is that I will be heading that way camera in hand in the morning, unless of course I hear the departing rumble tonight.
Its strange I've never seen a Antei(I would have said Cock but then I would have open to ridicule) , at least I don't think I have, yet I know thats what it sounds like.

Then when I got back indoors after seeing its lights go off into the gloom I cought the tail end of a local news report about Fairford, is there to be a deployment there ?

Peter Barron
10th Jan 2004, 04:10

Heard the same sound over Slough at about that time, seemed to be heading for Brize.

Rushed out with my binoculars into the back garden but could only see flashing nav lights fading away into the distance along with the heavy drone, might be the AN-22.

Let us know if you see it sitting at Brize tomorrow.


10th Jan 2004, 05:24
Gorn already I hear - off to Manston.

10th Jan 2004, 06:13
******, that means I'll have to go shopping instead

10th Jan 2004, 16:33
Fair shook the walls at BEagle Towers, it did! Haven't heard a noise like that since my Bear chasing days. That's Bear as in Tu-95/142, of course, not ursine quadrupeds!

10th Jan 2004, 23:29
I can confirm that it was the An-22 that's been seen around Europe quite a bit of late. (Quite a few messages about it on a group I belong to.)

11th Jan 2004, 04:56
Heard on a French radio that an Antonov (type unspecified) was flying a submarine from Istres to Sharm-el-Sheikh, via Cairo. Is it this one ?

11th Jan 2004, 20:37
I'd guess that 'your' Antonov will be of the An-124 variety, while the Brize one was an An-22.

There's a photo of the actual machine which went into Brize here:
(alhtough the photo is at a different location).

11th Jan 2004, 21:39
Thanks for posting the picture, it was dark when it came over the other night so I didn't see any more than nav lights. How often does this beast come to the UK and is it usually Manston? I would like to see it and get some piccies, maybe it will come back to BZN in daylight one day?

11th Jan 2004, 22:56
Antaeus is currently at Manston due to depart for Africa on Tuesday.

Comes into UK fairly regulary last time was to STN.


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