View Full Version : Save a Trident G-AWZK Facing Scrap

10th Jan 2004, 01:53
Trident 3B G-AWZK is facing the scrapman unless 20,000 can be raised to transport her to a new home at Manchester Airport Aviation Park.

BA and the BAA want the Trident moved by the middle of February or else it is going to be broken up for scrap.

If anyone wants to help then please have a look at :-


for more info.


10th Jan 2004, 02:03
If British Airways is now in such dire straits that it cannot afford 20k to ensure the preservation of this beautifully restored example of its own heritage, then it is in far, far worse shape than I had ever imagined.

How very sad!

10th Jan 2004, 02:19
I would love to see it at Manchester as I`m sure it would get very well looked after and to see people put so much work and love into a project to see it dragged from under their feet would be a disgrace.
Please also find a 1-11, Viscount, Vanguard ( my favourite that sound will live with for ever) and a Britannia,
don`t want much do I!!!!!!

Good luck to the viewing park at Manchester and to all who have and hopefully continue to work on the Trident
(perhaps they can re-create the British Aircraft industry as well)

Golf India Bravo

10th Jan 2004, 03:20
20K? Is that all...??

How much does ba pay the likes of non-contributing creatures like King per annum? Or waste on Waterworks management initiatives? Assuming that's not an oxymoron..

Is there no-one with sufficient spine to save this aeroplane?

Why not just put some Trident undercarriage-spaced concrete blocks down on a small part of Thiefrow's zillion acres of grass, tow the ac there and secure it. Then make both it and a Concorde a permanent feature of Terminal 5?

10th Jan 2004, 03:45
I think this is an ideal opportunity for the great philanthropist Richard Branson to step in and generate some free/anti ba publicity (yawn)

Beagle - I still think you should read the Tom Bower biography on RB to get a little perspective, and spend less time making inane comments about BA

10th Jan 2004, 04:03
Am I right in thinking that this Trident is the one with a large section removed from each mainplane?
If it is, ( and I may be wrong) it's hardly worth keeping for posterity. It was a sacrilege to disfigure those classic Trident lines.

10th Jan 2004, 04:22
If they get it to Manchester perhaps they could swap the wings with the one in the fire compound as it`s not burnt?

Golf India Bravo

10th Jan 2004, 04:47
Yes it is - they were lopped off to save space as it wasn't going to fly again, but the rest of the a/c is in pretty good condition and the layman probably wouldn't even notice anyway.


I believe that is one of the options to be looked at if they manage to raise the funds to transport her to MAN, but raisng the funds to save her is the priority at the mo.


AN2 Driver
10th Jan 2004, 04:49
No, this is the Trident that is sitting in the BA maintenance area in pristine condition, probably the best preserved Trident right now.

To break it up would be a crime in my opinion, it is as much heritage as Concorde. And there are fewer around too.

I do hope that it can be saved.

AN2 Driver

10th Jan 2004, 05:56
This simply must not be allowed to happen. In the past BA allowed both the last remaining Argonaut to be destroyed, followed by the last BA owned Comet 4, both via the fire practice area over by the sewage farm/ T 5. They would get at least 20,000 worth of additional publicity if it were taken to Manchester.

10th Jan 2004, 05:59
:} why save something that was rubbish when it was new?

10th Jan 2004, 06:16
Such a small amount of money. If I had some I'd give it to you. I do wish you luck. Just while we're on the subject I never went on a 3B. When I saw Andy Mattock' s Trident simulator (presumably a 3B) it had a funny HSI with a sort of moving curtain. I don't remember that on the 2. Is it my memory?

There's Trident at Duxford but it was closed when I went.

10th Jan 2004, 07:04

A link to a cockpit shot of G-AWZK

Golf India Bravo

10th Jan 2004, 07:14
Saw 2x BAC 1-11 in Malta last week. Medavia aviation. One minus engines. Other appears good condition with "official carrier for Miss World" on fuselage. Would be nice to preserve an example of this attractive aircraft in Manchester.:cool:

10th Jan 2004, 10:08

Why not ask Ghaddafi if you can have one of them...?


Eff Oh
10th Jan 2004, 17:27
What ever happened to the fine example that was at GLA untill the summer???

10th Jan 2004, 18:32
Effo Oh, it was broken up and is now probably several thousand tin cans. Same happened to the Trident Flight deck that was over at the fire training ground.

Eff Oh
10th Jan 2004, 18:55
Aww man that's a bummer!!! :{ It looked to be in good shape too. Damn shame. I believe the one at LHR is very nice.:ok:

11th Jan 2004, 01:01
Rumour is that it eventually got a slot! :E

11th Jan 2004, 02:47

Some good news just in.

BA have now had a change of heart and have decided that she should go to a museum. This means that she has been saved until the end of March for the time being. Possibly being moved onto the airfield until it's possible to move her to MAN to allow the demolishion of the old BEA hangers.

Plans are to try and arrange for her to be moved at the same time as the 2 Concorde's to cut down on the costs.

BA will foot some of the bill for the move (total cost estimated at 68K), providing the Preservation Society can raise the 20K as a gesture.

This is the last Trident 3 that is left that is worthy of becoming a museum exhibit (i.e. has not been subjected to being burnt to a crisp for the last 20 years).


11th Jan 2004, 03:19
Obviously this is something close to your heart Leezyjet, but it does seem a shame that if we're going to keep one for posterity, it has to be this one. When you say it's the last one worthy of becoming an exhibit, are there any others that could be robbed to bring it back to it's designed size? I have a lot of fond memories of the Tridents, and would like to see a suitable exhibit. You must admit it looks strange with those shortened wings.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
11th Jan 2004, 19:35
It's too late to use the wings from ZO. She was broken up at Hatfield last year after residing there since the end of Trident operations. She did a 'farewell' flight from Manchester on the last day (new year's eve 1985??) that I went on - low passes at Liverpool and IOM and at Manchester, followed by a tight visual circuit, an unstablised approach, and a bit of a ropey landing;) We went onto the fight deck once on stand, and the two front seaters were pointing at each other!

That evening she flew the shuttle run to Heathrow (Manch controller handed her to off with "and don't bring it back!"). Then she went to Hatfield for 'preservation' but was just left to rot on the airfield. I next saw her about 1999 and she was in a terrible state. The DH Museum wanted to preserve the nose section, but I don't think that happened.


Trident man
11th Jan 2004, 21:43
hi all just thought id post on here im one of the tps members that have looked after and restored ZK the aircraft is in pristine condition and is fully powerable by ground power i really want to save this airliner as i have spent 12 hard years on her if any of you guys need more info please post here also im the one in negotiations with BA so if you can help it would be very rewarding
many thanx

Trident man
12th Jan 2004, 04:17
the wings on ZK were clipped back in 1990/1991 to save space this was carried out by BA apprentices and the BA fire service it was a case of clip the wings or scrap the aircraft although im not too happy about it it was the best option at the time a few years later BA said that it was not a good thing but that is history, we arranged to have the wing tips from ZO but we had nowhere to store them the only other option is to aquire the tips from ZX at gatwick but she is in a poor state.if we can get them we will if we win our fight to get ZK move to manchester.:ugh:

13th Jan 2004, 07:18
There is a Trident front section in the aviation hall at Manchester science museum. Well worth a visit and entrance is now free.:D

Airways Ed
14th Jan 2004, 01:38
Trident Man

If you think it might help, happy to publish picture and contact details in the next issue of Airways magazine.

However, that (April cover date) will not be on sale on UK newsstands until March 18....

You can email me privately to discuss.

Good luck!

PS Last flew Zulu Kilo as SLF 20 May 1975, LHR-AGP. Happy days.

15th Jan 2004, 03:51
Is the Trident 3 still at Wroughton?

Shaggy Sheep Driver
24th Jan 2004, 02:03
Our local free rag (the Wilmsow Express) today carries an article 'Trident comes home to roost at Ringway' accompanied by a picture of a Trident 3 (Can't tell if it's ZK, but paper claims it is. Wings look OK but hard to tell from side-on). It will be 'parked up' (sic) next to Concorde in the Aviation Viewing Park - providing the Trident Preservation Society can raise 20K towards her move.