View Full Version : Antigua closed as BA jet in the mud?

Bob Brown
9th Jan 2004, 19:19
I heard from a BA loader (OK we were in the pub) that one of BA's finest has put one in the mud closing Antigua.
Does anyone have any more information? Is it true even?

9th Jan 2004, 19:32
If it were true must have been a 777.

No comment
9th Jan 2004, 19:34
Its true alright and it was a 777. Heading back tomorrow.
They managed to keep that one pretty quiet!

Bob Brown
9th Jan 2004, 19:36
Thanks, I was begining to wonder if my mate was making it up. He said the engineers had to fly into another caribbean island and then use a light a/c to get to the island as the 777 had blocked the runway.

Anyone got any pictures?

9th Jan 2004, 19:46
All 777 accounted for at LGW I counted them out and counted then back in ! ;)

9th Jan 2004, 19:52
Interestingly, BA has flight BA2156 due LGW yesterday at 09:10hrs, yet to arrive. Any comment esportadude?

Originally I thought this was an old (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/2016024.stm) story, but finally......................found it (http://www.htsstlucia.com/HTS%20News-Jan%208%202003_Britsh%20Airways.htm) :ok:

9th Jan 2004, 19:58
....did notice the other day that the midweek BA UVF-ANU-LGW return was showing a 24hr delay, so might be some truth.

Didn't something similar happen at ANU about a year ago (BA 777 again)?

9th Jan 2004, 20:13
I never comment on rumours.......;) ;)

9th Jan 2004, 20:19
esportadude, I hear Specsavers have some good deals at the moment! :p :p

9th Jan 2004, 20:59
Hewanorra would be St Lucia then, not Antigua?

no sponsor
9th Jan 2004, 21:04
It might be the angle at which the photo is taken, but that doesn't look like it sank into the tarmac to me (wrt the BBC story and the pictures on the HTS news).

Actually, there's a huge difference in explanations of each story too.


9th Jan 2004, 21:11
no sponsor two different stories. I thought at first it was a rehash, but eventually managed to find the HTS report, which is contemporary. Daily Mail also reported the incident this morning as at St Lucia.

9th Jan 2004, 23:22
I was counting on another day here in St Lucia due the BA777 stuck in the sand beside the runway.Just been told all back to normal and we are departing today. Hewanorra runway closed 24 hours

10th Jan 2004, 00:06
Many moons ago when my hair was not quite so grey and I was flying for HM the Q, I spend the odd detachment at Coolidge / Antigua helping to put down the rebellion on the neighboring island of Anguilla. Quite what fear and dread our two brown Mk1 Andovers put into the rebels we never knew, but the flying was quite superb and in such a lovely setting. I can recall that our payload between Coolidge and Ronald Webster International, seemed to consist either of bobbies form the UK or crates of beer!
Bad luck for the 777 and her gallant crew, possibly a case of `there but the grace of god` etc. However I can think of many worse spots to spend and extra 24 hours than Antigua.

10th Jan 2004, 01:43
18 months ago a BA777 did indeed get stuck there , but that was due to a mistake by the airport operator and a contractor who incorrectly put down the wrong type of surface and even then did not give it the required hardening time before allowing the 777 to taxi on it

Young Paul
10th Jan 2004, 18:55
How does the fridge magnet go?

"I never repeat a rumour. So listen carefully!"


Sorry, we've moved on, haven't we?