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9th Jan 2004, 08:18
Word has it that Origin Pacific are getting three ERJ's, in March, to help out the ATR 72's on the main trunklines.

9th Jan 2004, 09:27
All pigs fed, fueled and ready to fly!

11th Jan 2004, 17:05
..when I can find it I'll post article here. From memory 3 x ERJ 145's for maintrunk work.

11th Jan 2004, 19:51
Would have to be main trunk work. E145 would strugle with performance out of most of NZ's regional airports.

Spuds McKenzie
12th Jan 2004, 03:26
Welcome to the 21st century.


Split Flap
12th Jan 2004, 09:57
Looks like somebody has been overfeeding the chooks again.

TAY 611
13th Jan 2004, 02:51
Brave move in the knowledge that there are already 2 B737 operators fighting it out on the main trunk right now.

13th Jan 2004, 03:52
a good rumour, is definitely a good trick of RI's to keep pilots from moving on if he starts talking about regional jets, gets all the boys keen as for the next 6-12mths before reality sets in again.
If it happens would be great while it lasted..:ok:

Barbers Pole
13th Jan 2004, 04:13
I might be mistaken but I'd think it very unlikely that Orgin would try to compete main trunk with jets againist ANZ,QF and shortly Pacific Blue.
They have the shortest pockets so would bleed the most when the WAR started! :ouch:

13th Jan 2004, 10:05
This thread may be a pig flying contest, but the basis for the debate is incorrect.

If the 'main trunk' inlcudes WLG-CHC, then there are NOT two 737 operators on that route. QF services the route with an Origin codeshare. Therefore we One World SLF's have a choice between NZ 737's and Origin 42's and Jetstreams, which is really irritating.

Origin also go to Queenstown with the 42's. According to my calculations 3 ERJ's would only allow them to operate on those two services - which are not 737 competitions at present, and nor do they involve regional airports.

14th Jan 2004, 07:06
nz and qf both fly 737 to zqn from chc, not sure if they both are at the moment, due holiday schedule. nz 737 was going chc-rot and due to start again, i think qf going to do the same so only route without 737 competition chc-wlg. Short sector and lack of security checks for the atr's is only 10-15mins slower than the 737. J41 probably less different.
Would be interesting how much effort would be required for first of type to get the thing up and running. As a side bar is the NG 737 to be operated by PB considered first of type?

zulu kilo
14th Apr 2004, 02:52
QO have now pulled the ATR out of ZQN and operate a 32 in there, the ATR is now on the main trunk...

What happened to TRG and TUO? QO seem to annoy people in those places by never sticking there very long. They don't seem to stay long enough to get any sort of loyalty going...

14th Apr 2004, 03:17
As of 1 Apr QF (Jetconnect) have been flying the CHC-WLG and CHC-ROT routes with the 737, as well as the usual CHC-ZQN, CHC-AKL, AKL-ZQN and AKL-WLG domestics.

14th Apr 2004, 04:07
I keep hearing stories about jets but i'll beleive it when/if they show up. I doubt they have any intenion of trying to compete against the established operators, but try to codeshare with pac blue like they did with QF.
watch this space i think.

14th Apr 2004, 05:37
J41's showing here as available NOW (http://www.baeportal.datathree.com/main_ur_ac_avail_j41.html)

Word is in crew room that Bae has done deal to be preffered supplier of replacement OP aircraft.. :hmm:

Whats next in lineup?

J61/ATP: Oldish, unreliable, ugly!
RJ70: Oldish, bit gas hungry, ugly!

Just think my Bacon sandwich just flew past flight-deck! :cool:

14th Apr 2004, 10:17
"where there's a will, there's a way"... think you will find Origin view the NZ Maintrunk routes as a Jet (of some kind) operation!

Plas Teek
14th Apr 2004, 10:31
Ah, good to hear that Robert hasn't changed his spots.
Still dangeling the carrott out in front just as the chaps (and chapesses) get squared away....

Get those applications into Air NZ....

15th Apr 2004, 04:49
I was uner the impression that the ORG (contract air) ATR 72 chaps and chapesses if there are any, had been given notice that their contracts are being terminated.


Blue Line
16th Apr 2004, 09:26
I think they still have 1 or 2 still going

17th Apr 2004, 05:35
ATR'S are still stooging the ch-wn-aa run and are doing reasonable loads i hear, as for the drivers i dont think their contarcts have been renewed for the full term and that they dont know the aircraft's future with the company is still undicided there is still a reasonable amount of flying scheduled.