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Bird Strike
22nd Oct 2001, 21:21
A long time ago, I remember asking this question on this forum and had a number of amusing answers.
Considering that many new people have joined since then, I would like to ask the same question again.

So, who does your ironing?

22nd Oct 2001, 21:25
Interesting... Although I do have one question:

What is "Ironing" ? :confused:

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22nd Oct 2001, 22:39
Erm, no one..... I usually wear clothes that don't need it :D

tony draper
22nd Oct 2001, 23:28
Draper does his own, and he iron's a mean shirt, long sleeves are the bugbear , designed by loons it is impossible for a man to iron sleeves,always purchase short sleeved shirts if your a self ironer.
A dress shirt should always be given to a sister in law or some other suitable female, for sleeve ironing is a feminine skill. ;)

23rd Oct 2001, 00:19
Mrs Tonkenna of course :D :D


Send Clowns
23rd Oct 2001, 00:20
I always found trouser creases the nightmare, Draper. Long sleeves are OK if you want a crease in them, a nuissance otherwise but not impossible!

23rd Oct 2001, 00:24
Not sure; would have to ask the butler.

23rd Oct 2001, 00:42
My blacksmith

23rd Oct 2001, 00:57
What's wrong with the trousers under the mattress technique?

23rd Oct 2001, 01:01
Another trick (best in hotels, so it isn't your water/heating bill!) is to fill the bath with VERY hot water, hang your shirts over said water, cover with the shower curtain, and all the creases are gone by morning. Works every time ;)

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23rd Oct 2001, 01:27
How does my ironing what? :D

23rd Oct 2001, 03:06
I find all the ironing is dead easy except the shoulders on the shirts :mad: Never seem to be able to get those looking right-well not both front and back!

Errr!! when I travel on me hols, nothing short of a full size iron comes with me much to the amusement of some of the security guys who spot it going through the x-ray machine!!

Sanjosebaz, I'll try your trick but I've got a bad feeling that a damp shirt is what you put on in the morning!

23rd Oct 2001, 04:06
:D :D Actually, Sensible, surprisingly not - but no guarantees, of course! I'll swap this tip for your "dog dishwasher prewash" you gave out in another thread

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23rd Oct 2001, 08:13
sowboat. :D

23rd Oct 2001, 15:18
i never iron.
i don't even own an iron.
even when i had to wear a uniform i never ironed it once! :D

23rd Oct 2001, 15:46
I always iron.
I own a professional iron with seperate steam generator. :o
I iron everything that comes out of the washing machine, even tea-towels, bed linen and T-shirts! :D

And the funny thing is, kids and Mr40 take over when I'm absent. :)
A crisp household is 40Towers, never fear!

tony draper
23rd Oct 2001, 16:23
Hey Flaps, see how keen you are after that Towerdog has had you iron ten thousand square feet of sail, and all on a diet of nut cutlets. ;)

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23rd Oct 2001, 16:26
I have the ultimate solution to the ironing problem:

1) When it comes out of the wash, I take a look at it. Chances are it looks OK.

2) If I'm not sure if it needs ironing or not, I put it away, and think I'll decide whether to iron it before I wear it again. Usually at that point I don't have time, so I decide it looks just fine.

3) If it's one of the rare items that obviously needs ironing, I put it on the ironing board, which is always out ready, to convince me I'm a tidy neat person who always irons clothes when they need it. The ironing board is under the window, and my Persian cat likes to sit on it. So the next time I look at the item, it's covered in long cat fur, and I need to put it in the wash again. This gets repeated several times, by which time I'll have decided to make a trip to the charity shop with the clothes I never wear. The offending item disappears - problem solved!

Result: I never have to do any ironing :D

Bally Heck
23rd Oct 2001, 16:40
Ahh. The charity shop method Whirly. Take your clothes down and return two days later and buy them back laundered and ironed for 50p. Works nearly every time although I did see another guy walk out with my best little black cocktail dress once.

Win a few, lose a few.

tony draper
23rd Oct 2001, 16:51
I am speechless with admiration BallyHeck, takes a special kind of mind to think like that. ;)

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23rd Oct 2001, 21:11


You mean that when your clothes get wrinkled someone can fix that?

Damn, all those clothes I have thrown away.

I think I shall have a long talk with my tailor.

:D :D :D :D

23rd Oct 2001, 21:17
Do you iron your undies too Flapster? As long as you don't starch them I guess.....

23rd Oct 2001, 21:48
Oooh....... *Ouch* .....Nooooooooo!!

Danny STOP kicking me!

It wasn't me wot started to talk about undies!
:eek: Honest :eek:

See what trouble you get me into with that kinda question Babe?
HUH? :mad:

*........psssst ...babe......tell you in chat.........* :D

23rd Oct 2001, 23:01
Clothes tend to live in a pile & get ironed just before I get dressed.

I always iron my work clothes since I represent the company that is paying me!

23rd Oct 2001, 23:20
The ironing fairy of course.

24th Oct 2001, 05:06
I detest ironing...but I like to look nice...so there are times when the deed just has to be done...personally, I have tried the method whereby you pour a couple of large drinks and then get to it..unfortunately, I've found this results in creases where they shouldn't be, and a very blase attitude about said creases. These days, the ironing gets done 2 minutes before I head out the door, standing in my little underthings...not really an ideal method, I know.

I think my next option may well be 'the ironing lady'.

Either that, or live in Bikinis permanently...


Bally Heck
24th Oct 2001, 14:33
Oh min. You've got me all hot and bothered now. Someone throw cold water over me!! :eek:

Tricky Woo
24th Oct 2001, 14:56
Hi All,

In the interests of supporting the 3rd World economy, which I find that most of you are failing dismally to do, I employ a Colombian slavegirl who visits once a week to do both my washing and ironing.

There's the occasional communication problem, as my English is typically as faultless as her Spanish. I find that sign-language, which I normally utilise under these circumstances, is somewhat inefficient due to her stunning lack of intelligence.

Sweet girl, though.

I finally managed to find a Spanish-speaking friend to persuade her to iron and fold my shirts, seeing as I'm often travelling around. I'm still tring to convince her that folded shirts don't require ironing flat as a pancake for that "just bought from Marks & Sparks with strange creases down the front and back where the cardboard and pins used to be" look.

I'll probably crack that one in a year or two.


24th Oct 2001, 15:20
For job interviews, wedings and funerals i buy new clothes, the rest of the time i just look windswept and interesting.

24th Oct 2001, 15:21
I do, but most casuul clothes don't really need it anymore. Generally I only iron shirts.
For the most part clothes out of a dryer rarely need ironing.

You know what I really hate though, people who iron socks. What is that all about? And underwear.

24th Oct 2001, 16:10
Bally Heck, do you have a nice accent?? If so, I won't bother with the icy cold water... :)

Agree with the curiosity of ironing socks...what's the point...there's never two of them anyway...


24th Oct 2001, 16:36
I had an aunt who came to help out at my fathers house when my mother died. I caught her ironing my fathers underpants.
The only comment from my father was that he "was pleased he wasnt wearing them at the time"

The Nr Fairy
24th Oct 2001, 17:47
Legalapproach :

I don't actually do the ironing if I can help it, and Mrs NRF thinks if you throw all the ironing in the corner of the living room that's all you need do.

Oops - you didn't mean me. You'd be surprised how many people say my name wrong !

[Edited to add the oops]

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Swamp Rat
24th Oct 2001, 18:01
The maid,

Ahhh the bliss of living in AFRICA
:D :D :D

24th Oct 2001, 19:07
I do my own, thats how I became a captain before I should!!!


Any clues on how to go back to only one line on the sleeves???

24th Oct 2001, 19:10
Any clues on how to go back to only one line on the sleeves??? You can't. Next question? :D

24th Oct 2001, 20:12
Has anyone else noticed how irons only ever last 5 years? I can predict, almost to the week, exactly when I have to buy a new one. (Yes, it does get descaled regularly.)

The Nr Fairy
24th Oct 2001, 20:21
Funny you should say that, PP.

Mrs NRF was most peeved I'd questioned her about the other iron lounging in the kitchen - the other had expired more or less 5 years after we got it, but in the middle of a ( rare ) ironing spree, necessitating a rapid trip to the shops to get a new one.

Bird Strike
24th Oct 2001, 21:07
I never realised that a topc on ironing would get so many posts! Maybe ironing is a resonably interesting subject - well at least to talk about, rather than to carry out... :D

I iron my own clothes, and my hubby's. I don't get paid to do that, but he does nice things for me in return. :) Besides there should be at least one thing in life that I can do better than my hubby can! ;)

Come to think of it...
How much would you be prepared to pay, to have each garment ironed?

24th Oct 2001, 22:22
I iron my stuff, sometimes mrs Loki`s too. I find it quite therapeutic.... as much as pprune in some ways. It helps to have radio 4 on, I recommend " Woman`s Hour"...always interesting.

Mac the Knife
24th Oct 2001, 22:38
The maid,

We had a tough struggle at first while dear Victoria struggled with the mysteries of electricity and plugs and switches but all is now OK.
She still hasn't figured out that little thingy on top that does something steamy but then you don't need it when ironing Lycra swimsuits.....

Ahhh the (dubious) bliss of living in AFRICA

"Lord Finchley tried to mend the electric light himself
It struck him dead. And serve him right.
It is the business of the wealthy man
To give employment to the artisan"

24th Oct 2001, 23:13
The Chief Pilot's daughter.... :eek:

24th Oct 2001, 23:52
An iron, how do you drive one of those then -do they come in auto or only in manual. I heard of someone that had an iron fitted with ABS - is that an Anti Burning System?

Mrs Groundhog does mine (should that be Groundsow). Thats not strictly true though cos sometimes I iron HER clothes but only after I have been wearing them when she might find out if they are all wrinkled........

Bally Heck
25th Oct 2001, 00:30
Help!! mins flirting with me!! My knees have turned to jelly and my normally cute Scottish accent has gone all croaky and flustered! :eek:

26th Oct 2001, 05:10
Flirting?? Damn...Where's that bucket of cold water again??? :)

I really do hate ironing - someone needs to invent clothes that seriously don't need it. Can't be that hard, surely. I pity all you scotsmen with those pleated kilts....must take forever...

Job-sharing..that's what's needed. Tis alright for all you attached types that get something in return for the ironing.


Bally Heck
26th Oct 2001, 06:23
Ohhh. min!

26th Oct 2001, 15:18
I take great pride in being able to say that I do all my own ironing. Especially since I am a 19 yr old male who is just out of home and who previously never ironed anything in my life!! :eek:

However, I find that I'm having a similar problem to Rotorbike. When I purchased my uniform, the pants had one nice, sharp crease right down the front of each leg. After a while it became less of a nice, sharp crease down eack leg, and now it's more of a general bend in the fabric about one fingerwidth wide! :eek: :confused:

Ah well, time for new pants I guess.... :rolleyes:

Send Clowns
26th Oct 2001, 15:56
Only time I ever lived with a girl I did the little ironing that had to be done. But then again I did all the housework, as I was on "gardening leave", while she was at work.

Ladies, the advantage of marrying an ex-serviceman (no net advantage to a serving officer, too much of a nuissance lifestyle I admit) is that they should all be able to iron :D

26th Oct 2001, 16:00
Although I have reached an advanced age I pride myself on having the outlook of a modern man. For instance, when Mrs. Shaky, who is only a few years younger than me, recently remarked in her usual demur manner that she was finding it a bit of a strain getting the coal in, I hesitated not a moment in taking myself to the local ironmongery and squandering a couple of quid on a smaller shovel in order to lighten her burden.

This will give you some idea of the love and esteem I have for this good woman. Her tearful gratitude for this small gesture affected me so much that I decided our forthcoming anniversary would provide me with an ideal opportuity to further demonstrate my generosity. It was in this expansive mood that on my next trip, after deducting the cost of a frugal meal,a few beers, my share of the room party and a few other sundry but necessary items,I invested the rest my night stop allowance on one of those large wickerwork laundry baskets.In anticipation of the joy on her dear face at the sight of this magnificent gift I hurried home, only breaking my journey for a couple of hours of simple pleasure in the Dog and Duck.

Now here's the thing. I am unable to tell you exactly how this wonderful item works; that would be too much to expect of someone who has never mastered the use of other items of domestic ware such as the dishwasher, hoover or the cooker,but I have to tell you that ownership of one of these wonderful thingies will transform your life. On arriving home from a trip you merely empty all your used kit from your bag into this wondrous device and repair forthwith to said Dog and Duck for a couple of days of well earned revelry and relaxation. When Mrs. S needs to pack my bag for the next trip around the playgrounds of the western world she merely has to go to the wardrobe and Lo! there is all my stuff clean and freshly pressed. I pass lightly over her murmured words of love and gratitude and stride freshly ironed to work.

Mrs. Shaky has now cancelled my bi-annual legover. She says this is to prevent strain on my bad back. I told her that I could probably manage it but she said that I have shown her such kindness and consideration over the last twenty years that this was the least she could do to repay me. What did I do to deserve such a wonderful woman?

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28th Oct 2001, 03:14
Kilts should never need ironing as the material is so heavy, and the pleats are stitched in at the top

One other advantage of the kilt is the question of ironing underwear never comes up... :D :D :D :D

28th Oct 2001, 03:51
As Send Clowns has so perceptively pointed out, one of Betty's minions, immaculately dressed and with razor sharp creases and a high and squeaky shout with three gold thingy's and a crown on his sleeve impressed upon me most insistantly that to emulate his perfection was not an option. I accordingly mastered the esoteric art in a surprisingly short time, spurred on by ruthlessly applied inducements of a generaly unpleasant and fatigueing nature.

Upon reaching Mr Shaky's happy state, I felt surprisingly untroubled in hiding this hardwon skill and effected a touching incompetence that resulted me in being banned from the practice of the arcane art.

This happy state came, as all good things enevitabley do, to a sad ending. In my solitary grief I moped over my shirts and rediscovered the gentle soothing pleasure of once again producing a finely ironed crease the crackle of a starched and immaculate white uniform shirt.

I overlooked the odd button here and there, that had dissapeared due to the fact that my faithful 'housewife' had been piched by the departed conterpart.

I have since been united in connubial bliss once more, alas the second, better half being a seasoned mare, well versed in the wiles of deceitful males has refused to have anything to do with the aforsaid occupation. So once more I soldier on, or in a fit of pique and pure laziness take them down to the local laundry

Feeton Terrafirma
28th Oct 2001, 04:36

Is that something to do with making clothes ready to wear?

My clothes are always in the wardrobe ready to wear when I need them. What else do I need to know?

Feeton Terrafirma
28th Oct 2001, 04:39
On second thoughts, maybe you should ask Mrs Terrafirma........ MELANIE where are you ???????

grrrrrr flood control!!!

28th Oct 2001, 07:57
The last thing the ex-MrMin got me to do before he traipsed out the door for the last time was to iron 10 shirts..I kid you not!! Boy, I am very gullible sometimes...

anyway..it does mean that the ironing levels around here are now dramatically diminished and it no longer fills me with the dread it once did, so I shouldn't complain too much...and I've never had to haul the coal in...

This kilt thing....I still want to know about why it's de rigeur to 'go without' under them...I've never actually seen one up close (kilt, that is!!!), except on the odd piper marching past, which is a terrible state of affairs given my Scottish ancestry...


Bally Heck
29th Oct 2001, 04:35

Among the reasons for Scotsmen going "freeball" when kilting.

The first and most important is that the kilt is worn nowadays primarily at social events. Weddings, funerals, party's, Oscar ceremony's, etc.etc.

Whilst attending these events, (as a bloke), there seems to be a part of the female psyche which is uncontrollably determined, by fair means or foul, and in ways which would get a bloke arrested, to find out in a tactile manner, whether anything is worn under the kilt.

Well, us blokes in general, don't object to the same extent as you ladies to having our "bits" inspected. Therefore we tend to hang free.

That said, many nationalities, including the English, sometimes affect to wearing a kilt. But only the Scot's tend to go without. It's a cultural thing!

Hence the expression about "true Scotsmen"

The other reason, now archaic, is that as a military uniform, it was more convenient from a hygiene point of view.

Probably too much information there.

29th Oct 2001, 05:32
Re: the too much information..tis ok, I'm a nurse..enough said :)

And thanks for the explanation...basically, as I understand it, there was a good reason from a hygiene point of view, but these days, you're really just a bunch of opportunists/exhibitionists!!


29th Oct 2001, 06:19
Dammit, been rumbled! :D :D :D

Won't stop me wearing it though, as long as I can get away with it!! Tehehe!

Travelling Toolbox
30th Oct 2001, 11:22
Min With Mr. Min departed, does this mean that you are now available to do some ironing? :D :D :D :D

30th Oct 2001, 13:46
Oh, TT...you say the most romantic things... :)


30th Oct 2001, 19:23

The two finest examples of kilt-wearing manhood within this place are undoubtedly 10W and Flypuppy. Both of them wear the kilt in the correct manner and are only to happy to explain/demonstrate the finer points of this most convenient attire to interested ladies. Your attendance at a bash sometime in the future would afford an excellent opportunity to see this fine piece of traditional clothing put to practical use.

30th Oct 2001, 19:35
Well, PP, seems I have a number of options then...

Firstly, for that desperately needed holiday of which I have spoken, I could just come to the UK and attend one of these famous (infamous??) bashes (don't forget, I have seen pictorial evidence..!) By doing so, I could then observe close at hand (in fact, in their natural environment) the kilted ones to which you refer. My concern with this option tho is that I won't really get a holiday, and will go back home in a state far worse than when I arrived....

Secondly, I could try and persuade HugMonster to pack his kilt on the "Sailing Away" trip of a lifetime. I did have the thought that it could be a travelling bash, so perhaps we could schedule in some stops that would allow comparison of HM's kilt-wearing finesse with some other prime examples.

Thirdly, I could attempt to get my mind out of the gutter and forget about what's under these kilts!!

M. :)

tony draper
30th Oct 2001, 22:27
Beware of Scotsman offering lifts.
At the first hint of bad weather he will be telling you to seek shelter under his kilt. ;)