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8th Jan 2004, 18:09
Heard a rumour earlier this week that AN have taken over Emu..

Anyone else have more info?


Flying Mechanic
8th Jan 2004, 19:11
Yes, I saw one of their Metros' at Murray Is doing circuits and it's true....

Wildman was the Captain, and Millie was the caterer.


chief wiggum
9th Jan 2004, 04:47
And don't forget the rumour that they are also targeting O'Connors ( either as an alliance or as an aquisition[just the SA routes]).

Mind you I suppose that they need something to make some money after having bought those clapped out old Bandits from the "ripoff artists of SA".

If this all goes ahead, then they will have a VERY diversified fleet!

M23, J32, B1900, E110,C441 and E120 ,just to mention the turboprop fleet.... what a headache!

11th Jan 2004, 20:01
Wiggums, that is something Air North has been doing for ages.... running several different types in a fleet... a handful of 210's, some with some without gear door mods, some IFR some not, C402s mostly "C"s but ARJ was a 'B" a 414 a 421 a conquest, Metro 3 then a Metro 2 then two Metro 23's and a Metro 2, sold the 2 for a C90 Kingair, there were a couple of shorts 330s for a while.... couple of Brazs. Thats just the space of 1993-1999!

Diversified fleet? No problem, been doing that for 30 years! Mind you, not saying it was SENSIBLE :uhoh:

Natit .... those rumours are circulating up here too...

That was another feature of life at ANR... all the stuff that should not have been secret, was, and the stuff that should have been very secret, everyone outside the company knew about!

Watching with interest......

11th Jan 2004, 21:39
Thought AirNorth got rid of all their pistons to ChartA**.

Or are they still the same company?

12th Jan 2004, 17:28
Nothing much has changed it would appear.
Flying Mech
Which one of the three metros was flying at Murray island?
Where is this island?
Airnorth and Chart*** are all part of the same group but have nothing to do with each other.Airnorth is an all turbine operation with 6 EMB120's and 3 Metro23's.

13th Jan 2004, 08:54
So, has a takeover happened or not???? Surely someone on here must know!

bush mechanics
13th Jan 2004, 20:28
chartair is not a part of the ANR group.The owner of Ch happens to be one of the directors of ANR,Thats it.
But ANR like to use the Chartair fleet to bolstar there own fleet in there advertiseing.
Just get on hold when you ring ANR you will here for yourself.

ANR still have two c402s,They are in alice being painted and are on the market.

19th Jan 2004, 09:39
Just a quick bump back up to the top to see if anyone has heard anymore on this?

If in fact true, they might as well go after GWA and dominate the SA regional market even more!

19th Jan 2004, 13:52
Not sure dominate is an apt description?:8

Air Ace
19th Jan 2004, 14:23
"I saw one of their Metros' at Murray Is doing circuits..."

I take it there are two Murray Islands in Australia? Because if ever a Metro tries to do circuits at the Murray Island I know (in the Torres Strait) I'd love to be there with a camera!!!

The Bullwinkle
19th Jan 2004, 14:42
If Millie was the caterer, then it has to be the Murray Island in the Torres Strait!!!1

19th Jan 2004, 15:11
There wouldn't be much point going after GWA, by the amount of passengers they are carrying, they won't be around for too long anyway.

ps.. Last I heard was that the takeover could occur in the next few months.

19th Jan 2004, 20:29
on the subject of gwa, they must be the biggest joke of an rpt company in the nation, what are they doing over in sa anyway? they cant make money out of perth as it is....

20th Jan 2004, 08:46
Agree Topend!

Trying to service an already packed route is just ridiculous! Emu has by far scored the KSC route, and with REX and Air North doing PLC, what are they going to acheive, really?

I heard the SA operations of GWA are headed by the ex Emu CP, anyone confirm this?


Just further on this, heard on 128.6 while flying today, the callsign Topend 4000 (heading down from the North somewhere I presume)

Is this another E120?

Dog One
20th Jan 2004, 17:40
Could be the first of two. Heard in Adelaide that more are expected.

20th Jan 2004, 18:45
Yeah there's already one here doing AD-PLC but just wondered if anyone knew of another maybe arriving today.. Topend 4000 was just an unusual callsign to be hearing.

On eyre
20th Jan 2004, 18:59
I think you will find that Topend 4000 was a nonscheduled E110 flight AD to PLC for maintenance.
On the general thread Rex are creaming both ASA and GWA on the ADL - PLO route.
GWA while cheap lacks a decent schedule and ASA also has a schedule problem and does not seem yet to realise that customers down south expect on time departures. I predict that only one of these two will survive (most probably ASA) but they will have a long way to go to catch up with Rex, if they ever can, seeing ASA was run down badly by the previous owners.

20th Jan 2004, 20:39
Thanks On Eyre..

Just caught me out, and found it unusual that it was coming from the North (overhead the PF TNG Area) that's why I didn't associate it with a normal AD-PLC-AD flight.

20th Jan 2004, 20:42
On Eyre, the only thing you got right was the first line. You do not have a clue. REX are not creaming ASA. After 50 odd days of EMB120 services the loads justify the EMB120. You put a schedule in let it settle a bit then adjust were needed. I would also be careful about talking OTP. Airnorth is very aware of the importance of OTP. No doubt you know very little about there operation.
Best regards


On eyre
21st Jan 2004, 05:15

I have more than the clue that you suggest I lack.
I would suggest that ASA EMB120 average load factors would be scratching to make 30% whereas REX would be double that and I might add with substantially more flights each day.
Still, time will tell. Good luck - you will need it.

21st Jan 2004, 05:41
Not about to get into a slanging match, but looking at your profile I should certainly not doubt your 30% load factor comment! I am envious that you have access to such accurate information!!


High Altitude
21st Jan 2004, 08:25
Top End 4000 in Southern Australian Skies.........

Shouldn't it be Bottom End 4000 :E in that part of the world......

Dog One
21st Jan 2004, 16:58
Eyre - you may wish to check your facts, friends who travel frequently between Lincoln and Adelaide tell me that prior to the E120 ops, Rex were normally anything up to 40 mins late on the morning flights, which disrupted many appointments in Adelaide. With the upgrade by ASA, who's OTP is very good, Rex rearranged their aircraft to orginate from Adelaide so that they could match the ASA OTP. Also swapped to a B model painted in the Rex colours rather than the tatty Kendell scheme. One could discount GWA, and it will be interesting to see if Rex can stand the competition long term.

On eyre
21st Jan 2004, 18:28
Dog One
Don't really have to check my facts.
Rex have been using various A and B model Saabs, some in new livery and some in the old but as now available mostly B's.
Rex flights have always originated in Adelaide for the AD-PLC route and delays have normally only been weather related.
ASA's supposed competition with the EMB120 has not affected them at all. Just sit at PLC and count pax on and off a few flights and the story is as I tell it.
It's not rocket science really - give the customers what they want - a schedule to fit when they want to travel (not to suit your crewing), on time departures and a range of fares. At this time only Rex do all these on the AD-PLC route.

22nd Jan 2004, 04:41
Topend 4000 was a flight to Kangaroo Island, apparently on behalf of Emu???

Either it was a charter or there is more to the rumour of the two airlines tying the knot.

22nd Jan 2004, 05:01
Dog OneRex were normally anything up to 40 mins late on the morning flights'Normally'? That's a bit of an exaggeration surely? Also -Rex rearranged their aircraft to orginate from Adelaide so that they could match the ASA OTPRex have always originated their scheduled PLC flights in Adelaide. Kendell did the same for 15+ years and with virtually the same daily schedule as Rex! Any subtle changes over the years were usually due aircraft flows and daylight saving, not a direct response to competition. Further, no daily schedules have changed on the Rex AD-PLC-AD route in the last 12 months or more.

Are you sure we're talking about the same airline here - not GWA?

30th Jan 2004, 11:54
Heard from 2 diff sources (remember this is a rumour network) that AN are taking over as of 1 march?

Dog One
31st Jan 2004, 17:30
V1OOPS - On Eyre

Sorry to shake your rattles - having just got back from overseas, I spoke to my source in PLC and he said you must be right, he didn't miss any appointments in Adelaide due to late arrivals, and of course it must have been weather that caused the late arrivals, even though the ASA Bandit was able to operate on time on those days.

He also suggests that you gents take off the rose coloured glasses and become part of the real world - Rex are a poor cousin to the original Kendell model, and I reckon hewould know, as he was a Ansett frequent flyer back in the days when Airlines of South Australia (AN version) were running Convair 440's to PLC.

Like any other business, time will decide the outcome.