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Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Oct 2001, 19:09
Since we discussed something of real importance. So.....Claire from Steps or Jo from S Club 7?

22nd Oct 2001, 19:28
Jeez Biggles - show some taste mate!!!


Nellie Furtado for me - and I can actually put up with her songs

22nd Oct 2001, 19:54
Sorry, Biggles, there is something - shall we say - unseemly about you perving over someone who is a tad younger than you.

More to the point, what about the women who have achieved a certain age but have remained devastatingly sexy? Catherine Deneuve, of course, but she is so far ahead of the field that she is hors concours.

Any offers?

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Oct 2001, 20:11
Cor you two are a right win double!

It was meant to be a bit tongue in cheek and engender a lively, lighthearted bit of banter. Anyway, what on earth is wrong with admiring (not perving about) good looking girls in their twenties?

Sheeeesh – I bet you wouldn’t kick either of them out for eating toast in bed :eek:

22nd Oct 2001, 20:16

Not into Boy/Girl bands as you may know, but.....

.....I'd kick anyone out of my bed if they ate toast in it!!!!! :eek:

Crumbs......... :D :D :D

22nd Oct 2001, 20:29
Claire ? :confused:

You gotta be kidding right ?

Has to be Lisa ;)

Anyway, you're all forgetting Samantha Mumba

mmm mmm mm mm mmmm

22nd Oct 2001, 21:58
Unwell Raptor, I think you had better give Capt PPRuNe a slap then. ;)

22nd Oct 2001, 22:17
Reddo :eek: You are not by any chance implying that our saintly Despot would cast an unseemly eye over youngish females now are you?

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk......... accusing the good Captain of such laddish foolishness......

What IS the world coming to.......?? :eek: :( :eek: :D

23rd Oct 2001, 04:33
U_R, you use the word "perving" as if that's a bad thing?? :confused:

23rd Oct 2001, 06:30
I don't know who the first two mentioned are..... does Nigella count?

*drool, slobber, dribble, pant, ogle, sigh...*

23rd Oct 2001, 09:00
I have no idea who is who but as a young man in his twenty's i feel i should (by the sounds of things!!) have legal authority to perve on young girls.

I don't know what her name is but give me the blonde one in S Club anyday mmmmmmmm.

Or VB hosties. :p :p :p

23rd Oct 2001, 12:21
I can go along with the theory that a man should always try to have a woman who is half his age plus seven.

Wouldn't help Biggles much though. She'd still be getting on a bit!

And I'm not daft enough to make the least comment about our esteemed Leader (may his tribe increase - or perhaps not). If he needs a slap, that can be your job Reddo. ;)

Biggles Flies Undone
23rd Oct 2001, 13:02
TwinNDB you're talking about Jo from S Club 7 :)

U_R - just because your mate TG has done a runner, don't start on me you grumpy old git! Go on - b****r off! :D

[edited cos they've even stuck U_R's favourite word in the naughty filter now!]

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The Guvnor
23rd Oct 2001, 13:29
S-Club Rachel ... now there's a girl I wouldn't mind leavingh crumbs in my bed! :D :eek: :D

23rd Oct 2001, 13:32
Biggles dear.......

I thought you of all people would have known that there are two blonde twenty-somethings in S Club 7.... Jo and Hannah.... so which one did TwinNDB mean??

And anyway, I don't have a problem with blonde twenty-somethings ;)

*runs away chuckling* :D

Biggles Flies Undone
23rd Oct 2001, 13:40
cally... not that I've paid much attention you understand :rolleyes: but Jo is the more obvious (lighter) blonde.

Anyway, I bet she doesn't have your technique with wooden posts.... :eek:

23rd Oct 2001, 14:01
well i think that harrison ford is quite nice :)
got that sexy older guy thing going on ;)

23rd Oct 2001, 14:36
Biggles my lad, Cally and wooden posts?
Bet her technique with them isn't half as scary as yours with beer mugs mate! ;)

Dux, Harrison Ford??? :eek: :eek:
I mean really........; mature guys fine, at least they don't need the red arrows, but HF takes you into the realm of the geriatric!
Well, I suppose if you like a quiet life........ :D

U_R so far be it from you to cast aspersions on Him Above like?
Living dangerously not your thing I take it??
Fair enough really, seeing how we all live in fear of His Master's Boot down here in the catacombs of JB! :p :o ;)

23rd Oct 2001, 15:27
From a purely male perspective, blonde bimbos with plastic tits who appear on music videos bore the crap out of me.... let me think of a few mature women... Pamela Stephenson, Nigella (yes, I know I've mentioned her before), Helen Mirren, Julie Christie, Juliette Binoche, Lena Olin, Julia Ormond, ...I'm sure my fellow ppruners can add to this list effortlessly...

sorry Gwyneth, I quite like your acting, but a sex symbol?... forget it....

Biggles Flies Undone
23rd Oct 2001, 16:57
flaps - I've seen the picture mate - she was doing the opposite to what I did with the glasses ;)

We should be safe from HMW (His Master's Wrath) so long as we keep off P******s and R******n. I wonder if it's OK to say Oh G*d when you see some people's choice of sex icons, though? :D

23rd Oct 2001, 17:55
Eeerrm........ reconstituting them was she Biggles? :D

And in view of All current threads that I consider to be too politically or religiously sensitive will be closed I believe "Oh my G*d" to be rather on the risqué side myself, but then I'm known for living prudently.... ;) :p ;)

23rd Oct 2001, 18:07
Cough Splutter!!!!


I'm with Binos - in fact I have a soft (hard?) spot for Helen Mirren.

Mind you, can't really get past Nellie Furtado right now, why would I want to?

Have met a Gwyneth Paltrow lookalike - liked her :)

Oooh Oooh Oooh - just had a thought - Suzanna Hoff from the Bangles, just thinking about her has made me walk like an Egyptian :)

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23rd Oct 2001, 18:14
Did somebody say something about blonde twenty-somethings? :D

23rd Oct 2001, 18:22
Was fortunate enough (or not depending how you see it) to sit next to the Steps totty on my way back to BAH in GF club class, sorry to dissapoint but Claire and Lisa are V.Dissapointing up close but the other one Faye,is quite the stunner , also they are all just under 5 feet tall, they had the blokes with them on the way out here to 'entertain the troops' hmmmmmmmmmmmm

23rd Oct 2001, 18:37
If the choice is only limited to Claire and Jo, it has to be Claire. But Rachel is by far the best looking in S Club 7, followed by Hannah, Tina and then Jo. In Steps, my order is Faye, Clair and then Lisa. But Kylie tops the lot of them. :D :D :D :D :D

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23rd Oct 2001, 22:09
Ahhh you lot are all so predictable.

Let's face it, everyone fancies Faye... But Lisa, ahhh Lisa :)

Can I be the only one?

Or am I just weird ??? :confused:

tony draper
23rd Oct 2001, 22:21
Errr, who are you chaps talking about?. :(

23rd Oct 2001, 22:32
Back in your box Draper.

This isn't your kind of thing at all.

23rd Oct 2001, 23:26
I say why limit yourself to one

Have both. :eek: :D :D

23rd Oct 2001, 23:46
Samantha Mumba - mwahahaha - She's scary looking...She's like a freaky old women :D
Renee Zellweger - Now we're talking :)

24th Oct 2001, 00:02
Gotta agree with The Guvnor (arrrggg).

Now hand over some of those cubans. :D :D

24th Oct 2001, 02:28
Was watching old Blackadder episodes tonight. I rather think I quite fancy Gabrielle Glaister (who played "Bob").

But what is really beginning to worry me is the attraction I feel for Jo Moore (Stephen Byers' adviser, who rather misjudged the PR situation on 11/09).

Quick, nurse - the screens! :eek:

24th Oct 2001, 03:02
Sorry to disappoint you, lads, but I used to be a big Nigella fan, until she appeared on one of my flights. Let's just say that the telly really does flatter her! :rolleyes:

24th Oct 2001, 04:35
You called for the screens, Hug, here they are - happy to help!!

Nurse Min.

PS...none of these women do a thing for me...now if it was men you were talking about that would be entirely different...I find that not only looks but voices tend to do it for me...drool....enough of that, back to work :)

24th Oct 2001, 07:13
Biggles -
You seem to have chosen the one member of each group who appears to have the ability to actually sing (occasionally a bonus in the music industry).
That aside, my vote goes to Faye from Steps and Rachel from S-Club.
At the risk of being accused of something very nasty - how old is Charlotte Church these days? :eek:
But for someone who can sing, play guitar, and reputedly enjoy a beer and a laugh, how about Justine Frischmann from Elastica - I know she went out with Damon from Blur, but nobody's perfect (except of course Kylie, but that goes without saying).

25th Oct 2001, 14:54
User to have a big thing (fnarr fnarr!) about Susan George, but I'm afraid time's not been too kind to her :(

tony draper
25th Oct 2001, 15:07
Ah yes Susan George, and Wanda Ventham, boy they new how to build women in those days, they look like they are half finished nowadays and still need the filling put in. ;)
ps, Hattie Jakes, now there was a real women.

25th Oct 2001, 17:55
Reading all that I was wondering - how old some of you are? Almost getting into fight over who is the best looking out of people you don't even know?

Look around! You will most definately see much better looking girls/boys right beside you, believe me!

Most of those dolls you admire are ignorant, "I'm the best" kind of things. :(

P.S.But I like latin ones... ;)

The best looking is my other half ANYWAY!!!!

25th Oct 2001, 18:42
draper, I know exactly what you mean. I've had naughty thoughts about Robbie Coltrane on plenty of occasions....

The Nr Fairy
25th Oct 2001, 20:32
I should have been "working from home" between 4.15pm and 5pm today.

Couldn't - not while Countdown was on, and Carol Vorderman in a short skirt was on . . .

Only just finished cleaning up the drool.

Gash Handlin
26th Oct 2001, 00:33
You sure its drool NR ;)

28th Oct 2001, 04:32
I thought I had a handle on the plot when Draper mentioned Hattie but I lost it again. Now Katherine Deneuve, there's a good looking chi.. well she's still good looking, I think, though I can't say I've seen her around recently.
Shania Twaine??

Stiff Lil' Fingers
29th Oct 2001, 23:41
Kylie, kylie so sweet and smiley,
Sing me a song in a rub-a-dub stylie

Nuff said

30th Oct 2001, 04:16
Holly Hunter, Meg Ryan, Liv Ulman, Sophie Marceau, Penelope Cruz, Audrey Hepburn, Lucy Liu, Joan Greenwood, and (from many years ago) Virginia Brown, in Form 3a of my Primary School.

Oh - and Claire Nelson, who was the daughter of my A-level Maths master. But I was warned off under pain of bad grades... Darn it - thwarted young love... :(

[ 30 October 2001: Message edited by: HugMonster ]

henry crun
30th Oct 2001, 06:04
Ah, what a memory you stir Mr Hugmonster with the mention of Joan Greenwood.
The thought of that delicious deep husky voice sends shivers down my spine.

Travelling Toolbox
30th Oct 2001, 08:54
Mila Jojovich (think that's how it is spelt), but prefer her in blonde as in her appearance as "The 5th Element" - my tongue goes hard thinking about it, not as the brunette version in the shampoo adds ;) :D

30th Oct 2001, 16:55
Bigles claire from steps AND the s club 7 sheila.... why not.

Give me Claire Danes any day, and Renne Zellwiger on thrusdays just for somthing diferent.