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Feeton Terrafirma
8th Jan 2004, 15:05
Just wondering if anyone who has applied to Jetstar via their website has had a response yet?

The site states they will accept bookings from Feb, which isnt that far away now.

Cheers FT

Ralph the Bong
9th Jan 2004, 18:43
The first A 320s are due in June. Initial operation will be with the B717. As there are some 140+ pilots from Impulse to be trained on to the Airbus and deliveries will probably be 3-4 per month, at best I think that if they want to interview you, you can expect a call in about September. Of next year.

Peet Conrad
10th Jan 2004, 06:38
3 to 4 a month. Yes I can really see that happening


Feeton Terrafirma
10th Jan 2004, 17:42
Thanks for the info Ralph but as you may deduce from the name, I'm not a pilot...

11th Jan 2004, 09:06
I have applied for a number of the ground based postions and have had no reply other then my application has beed received. I understand that there is a planning meeting this weekend in relation to the company structure. I am told that they have leased gates 11 and 12 at ML and a considerable amount of the vacant AN office space at ML as well.
A mate has told me that her friend has had 2 flight attendent interviews though I am doubtful of that. We just have to wait and see.



Buster Hyman
11th Jan 2004, 17:46
But I've already got my uniform!:eek: ;) :p :ouch:

11th Jan 2004, 20:31
If JetStar is trying to run a very tight ship they shouldn't be leasing gates F11 and F12 at Mel. These gates are notorious for departure interruption due to conflicting departures from the now VirginBlue Terminal and the old VirginBlue Terminal. The logical step would be for JetStar to get hold of the old VirginBlue terminal which has a despatch priority on that side of the finger and excellent turnaround times despite having no aerobridges.

Feeton Terrafirma
12th Jan 2004, 07:24
Bit off topic but the old DJ terminal at MEL sucked from a PAX perspective. To far to walk in the rain and drag a heavy case. The old AN terminal is much closer to the carpark, and the walk is undercover.

12th Jan 2004, 10:07
Probably be alright to use if it hadn't been virtually pulled down.

12th Jan 2004, 10:59
Feeton Terrafirma
I'd heard it is soon to be part of the 19th hole just over the fence

12th Jan 2004, 17:15
Does that mean your uniform is a QANTAS one?
All we are asking has anyone had a personal reply or been contacted by Jetstar in relation to ground based employment?


Buster Hyman
12th Jan 2004, 19:01
No Steely, but it looks an awful lot like those Centrelink ones...and I've seen plenty of them! :(

The express gates at Tulla, whilst still standing, have been disconnected from the express terminal & the road runs between them again.

As for the conflict between F & E fingers, I guess the old RA code for a delay will be the first code in the book! With 23 aircraft planned, I imagine there will be a fair amount of "stand off" on the freight side of F. It'd be nice if they had the old AN ops centre on the 2nd floor, lovely view....ahhh, the memories!:( :uhoh: :{

I'm getting all misty now...where's my sister?

12th Jan 2004, 19:13
I remember the IOC well. But the question remains has anyone had a call in relation to ground based jobs with Jetstar? Has employment started?

Ivan Urge
12th Jan 2004, 22:12
Serious question here;

If one wanted to, how do you apply for a job with Impulse/Qantas Link or whatever they are calling themselves now?

Surely its not thru Qantas.


13th Jan 2004, 09:30
hey steely..

I to have applied for the ground /ops position on the Jetstar employment site..

and ... no i havent as yet recieved a reply.. so you are not alone in that boat my friend..

cheers Ramptech:( :(

13th Jan 2004, 11:34
Getting in nice & early....


If your post refers to ticketing staff etc I suspect Jetstar are already making seat sales via Qantas specials. A few weeks ago we snagged (on the web) two return flights with Qantas at $112 return to watch Brisbane Lions play the Swans in Sydney in July. I suspect Qantas are pre-selling Jetstar seats at very competitive prices to ensure they have a ripper of a start in terms of seat sales (if not in margins).

Have a nice day


Feeton Terrafirma
14th Jan 2004, 05:24
Thanks for the input guys, at least I know that I'm not alone in not hearing anything.

Mr dghob, I would expect that if I booked through Qantas that I would get the "Qantas" deal, IE a meal in flight, a flight attendant to serve me a drink (even if I have to pay for it) and whatever else you dont get with a VB style operation. For this reason I doubt that you will end up in a Jetstar seat.

Mr Urge, if uvan urge have a look here: Jetstar / Impulse (http://www.jetstar.com.au/)

14th Jan 2004, 12:49
No reply re ground jobs with Jet Star as yet. 14 Jan 2004.

14th Jan 2004, 17:57
Qantas has sent some engineers from Impulse onto A320 training in Sydney, I think. There are still quite a few ex Ansett LAMEs in Sydney who are just A320 and even they haven't been contacted and are still out of work.

Anybody who put in an application through the JetStar website should have got an auto-reply from the team at Qantas. I think you can reply to that address. If they are not actively recruiting they won't be looking at any of those applications, unfortunately.

Buster Hyman
14th Jan 2004, 18:20
Sadly, I doubt if there will be a sudden rush of positions available in the near future. If you think about it, this airline is Impulse renamed & there are still a number of staff under the Impulse banner, hence, no need for a sudden influx of staff. Once the airline increases it's capacity, ie more than Impulse has at the moment, thats when I feel that the new jobs will become available.

For those that are hanging out for this, I hope I'm wrong.:(

14th Jan 2004, 22:05
Have to agree with Buster. Good to see proactiveness, putting their toe in the water so to speak. Get the right people, maybe....

15th Jan 2004, 15:08
It's not as though Qantas isn't doing it's bit to try and employ ex Ansett staff. They do a fantastic job at Avalon and Brisbane with many of the staff there now Ansett. But some people are just A320 and they really ought to be given a chance somewhere. Yet on the other hand Qantas/Impulse has to balance that against the manpower they will have on hand to be retrained as the B717s are put out of service.

Buster Hyman
9th Feb 2004, 20:06
Well, whaddya know! Got asked to apply for a job! There's some hope for us yet!!


Thumbs up
10th Feb 2004, 09:35
Yooooh....go Buster.
Does this mean you'll have less time to peruse prune.

And this job.I expect we're not talking about being dumster director at your local Macca's or are you one of the fist to hear from Jetstar?.

10th Feb 2004, 16:32
They must be starting with certain key positions.

Same as Buster, invited to apply by personal email.

10th Feb 2004, 16:56
Well, I need to ask Buster...where did you get your A320 endorsement and when? :confused:

Buster Hyman
11th Feb 2004, 05:37
Well Amos, I was fumbling around in my WeetBix box & lo and behold!!!!!;)

11th Feb 2004, 06:52
yep.. Ramptech got an invite as well... was for the Ramp Services Manager position based in melbourne.

no doubt there will be a long list of applicants on this one..

its a start I guess..

:p :p :p

Buster Hyman
12th Feb 2004, 06:20
Well, I was feeling very special there, for a while...now I know I'm just as common as the rest of you knuckleheads!!!:p

Only kidding!

Buster Hyman
18th Feb 2004, 15:44
CSO & CSO Team Leader roles up for grabs now. If you now anyone interested, let them know!:ok:

19th Feb 2004, 00:27
I think we must have all received that e-mail inviting us to apply for the Ramp Services Manager job. The trouble was it referred you to the staffcv website with your password and ID, which would repeatedly fail to work. Contact then with Jetstar was merely referred to '[email protected]'. E-mails to this address just failed repeatedly. So I give up!

Doesn't create the right impression with prospective staff, guys.

29th Feb 2004, 16:20
i have a customer service (ground crew) group assessment on wednesday for Jetstar in Melbourne...

Anyone heard much about these interviews?

Any tips would be greatley appereciated

Uncle Festa
29th Feb 2004, 16:52

Suggest that an improvement in spelling would help . . . . .

:ok: ;) :} :}

Capt Claret
29th Feb 2004, 17:00
C'mon Festa, give the poor bloke a break :} He's got all the correct letters, mostly in the correct order, just one too many! :8

29th Feb 2004, 17:40
hehe sorry guys i was rushing before when i typed all that out..

im use to spell checks anyway lol

**hint hint to moderaters** upgrade this website with spell checks


anyone heard from jetstar?

Buster Hyman
19th Mar 2004, 02:22
Got a phone interview today. So there's some light at the end of the tunnel for those that are hanging out for Jet*!

19th Mar 2004, 03:38

what was your phone interview for?

im still waiting for yes or no about whether i got the Customer Service Position at MEL. Some people apparenly got an email but i never did....

Buster Hyman
19th Mar 2004, 06:54


7th Jun 2004, 05:32
Big sign out there at Essendon (Melbourne) says something about Melbourne being the home of JetStar. Looks impressive! So why did the airline launch in Sydney and Newcastle? mmmm....

I also heard some engineers had decided not to work for JetStar because they were not happy that the airline wasn't doing engineering pre-flights on turnarounds.

Statistics have a funny way of playing with safety....

==============================================A reduction in safety margin isn't necessarily unsafe, it just makes the airline statistically more vulnerable. Good luck to those who gamble with statistics.

Take Care.