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21st Oct 2001, 23:33
Something I found on the net that I thought was of interest.

To those extremists that perpetrated this crime against our nation, I
have a warning for you. There are those of us who look at your
actions as irrational, twisted, and completely inhuman. By all
measures, what you have done can only be seen as insane. I have news
for you. We're more nuts than you, and it should scare you s***less.

You may think that when you die for your cause, you go to Paradise
with 72 virgins, can leave reservations for 70 members of your
family, all your sins are forgiven, and you sit at the side of Allah.
Big deal. We had 39 guys who rented a Beverly Hills mansion, cut
off their nuts, built a web site, and proceeded to poison themselves
to death to hitch a ride with aliens out on the Hale-Bopp comet.

You shoot guns into the sky to celebrate victories over enemies, and
people are killed by the bullets raining down on them. We not only do
this for New Year's Eve in some cities, but we burn houses down, tear
up streets, loot and sack our stores, and beat ourselves senseless
when our sports teams win championships.
Sports teams!

We made a sequel to Police Academy 5. We gave an award
for singing to two guys who never even sang. We put little sweaters on
dogs. We shot John Lennon six times and didn't even aim for Yoko Ono.
We think Elvis is still alive. We put Braille on drive-up automatic
teller machines. We think that a simple button on a web site that says
"Do not click if you're under 21" will do anything but cause a person
under 21 to click on it. We take a large chunk of the island on which
those buildings you destroyed sat and pretend that it isn't a part of
our country after all, let people fly into our airports that we want to
kill, drive them in limousines to speak against us on this "pretend
territory" land, let them drive back to our airport, and let them fly
them back home without a scratch. We sell hot dogs in packages of ten
and the buns in packages of eight. We can't even decide if pitchers
should have to bat for themselves or not. All those baseball fields
we've got. And none of them are even remotely the same size.

We gave millions of dollars to a guy that told us that God was going to
kill him if he didn't raise enough money. When he didn't get enough
money, he didn't die. So we gave him more money in celebration of the
fact that God didn't make him die. We've managed to keep the formulas
for Coca-Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken secret for decades, we encrypt
the most banal communications on our Information Superhighway, and yet
we given away our most important nuclear secrets to the Chinese and
Russians at the drop of a hat. And yet, with all this on the A-1 Psycho
balance sheet, you still think you're more nuts than us that this won't
result in your complete and utter annihilation? One way or another, your
way of life will be over, period.

Freedom's kind of a crazy, kooky, nutty thing when you look really close
at it and all the bizarre and loony things that can result from it, but
it's better than any other ideas anybody else has come up with. It's
been that way since 1776, and built to last no matter how insanely we
try to screw it up on a daily basis. We are even so nuts and ruthless
enough as a nation to start insanely tearing at those of ourselves that
even remotely resemble you in such rancorous, deplorable, and angry ways
that will make you wonder if Allah has enough glue to piece enough of
you back together for a flesh paperweight in Paradise.

We may not know where you are now, but when we do I guarantee you that
the majority of our high school children will still have no idea where
on the globe where you are or where you will end up being buried. But
we will send them anyway, and we will allow those of them that went into
the armed services because they didn't manage to get into college
*still* rain down Hell and fire on your worthless hides. It will all
come down on you, because we're nuts enough to give all four of our
branches of military services extremely powerful and deadly aircraft
even though only one of them is actually called the Air Force. Picking
a fight with the most insane nation on Earth with the hope that your
message and influence will spread throughout the world, well, that's
just downright stupid.

22nd Oct 2001, 01:50
Well!! Put like that, I could almost start to feel sorry for them.

Hold it! I did say almost... nope they were given a deadline to hand him over, sorry... they will just have to come and get him now.

22nd Oct 2001, 08:56
Axerock -

Great post! Expresses my feelings exactly. :D

I am reminded of the following psalm (sp?):

"Yea though I walk through the Valley of Death, I shall fear NO Evil. For I have my NVG and H&K & Fairburne and I am the MEANEST SON of a [email protected] in the Valley."

My apologies to the World for the death of the young son of Osama Bin Laden. That was a bad one.

dAAvid -