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vintage ATCO
8th Jan 2004, 02:43
Having just watched the programme about Chuck Yeager on BBC2, did they know there would be a sonic boom when the soundbarrier was exceeded? :confused:

8th Jan 2004, 03:00
We've known that an excessive noise is generated by a) bullets b) Harvards (T-6 if you will) for quite a while before the first Mach 1 flights - which were, as we know occouring in the European Air War - but they were in an environment there were a lot of other bangs going on, and not in a record setting FAI type situation!

The Dopplar (sp?) effect was also well known I believe.

I hope this wins the 'vague almost helpful answer' award...


12th Jan 2004, 16:02
I found the answer to this on the web some many months ago.

As I remember it, they knew about the sonic boom from, if nothing else, wind tunnel tests on models.

Can't remember the site, but a trawl of the web will surely find it.