View Full Version : The Sailplane and Glider... can you help?

8th Jan 2004, 00:25
Hi all

I'm trying to complete a set of The Sailplane and Glider (the forerunner to the modern Sailplane & Gliding) but am missing 68 issues.

All are from between 1930 and 1934, apart from three from 1944 (Feb, Aug and Dec).

If you think you can help or know of someone who can, I'd really appreciate a PM from you or a posting here.

Am happy to either pay or to swap duplicates to fill the gaps.

TIA and happy landings!

8th Jan 2004, 20:07

you might also want to post on URAS (uk rec alt. soaring) which can be found at www.gliderpilot.net

hope that helps.