View Full Version : Great Weekend For The Irish!!

Ireland's Call
21st Oct 2001, 07:36
Brilliant stuff!!

Hammered England at Lansdowne, (I was there) best atmosphere in the old ground in many a year. We just tore England to pieces!

And then we thrashed Australia in the International rules test in Adelaide to take the series 2-0, a test series victory on Australian soil, ooohhhh they didn't like that at all! And beaten by a bunch of Amateurs!

Not bad for a country the size of West Virginia and with a popultion of greater Kansas City!

"Low lie the fields of Athenry....."

21st Oct 2001, 10:14
Re: International Rules - just makes up for the series last year in Ireland :!!! We'll get you next year.....now, if we can just talk you into playing with a 'proper' football instead of that round one....


Bally Heck
21st Oct 2001, 11:27
Och Ireland's Call laddy. Ye were awfy quiet a couple of weeks ago when ye were trounced at Murrayfield ye ken. Hoots mon the noo. :D

21st Oct 2001, 11:44
Yeah,Yeah,Yeah....congratulations to the Gungas,but as M says,we'll get you back on your home turf next year.

Still wouldn't mind seeing a couple of those boys play aussie rules next year - could give Jimmy Stynes a run for his money in his heyday!

21st Oct 2001, 13:01
I have to give my congratulations to the Irish - they played a brilliant game @ Lansdowne Road.

Has Hamrah recovered from his hangover yet? ;)

21st Oct 2001, 22:17

To lose one grand slam is unfortunate, to lose three in a row is just careless!!!

France's turn next year?

Oh and huggy - let's just say the Bushmills was flowing ;)

Ireland's Call
21st Oct 2001, 22:36
Quite right Bally Heck, we were stuffed by those canny Scots and deservadly so, McGeechan and Telfer must be the two best Rugby coaches in the world...Ba***rds!

Look forward to greeting you aussies here next year for the test series. Maybe we can organise a massive PPRuNe Aussie-Irish bash at the same time. We could have in the Burlington Hotel where the players will probably be staying, Imagine the drink put away at that!!!

22nd Oct 2001, 06:25
What on earth are you talking about?
You're not playing with your balls again are you?

22nd Oct 2001, 06:34
Now that does sound like a good idea...22 of Australia's finest footballers (waits for the flack from the rugby/league/soccer fanatics) to drool over in the surroundings of a nice pub with the added lure of alcohol....think I'd better start planning it now! Plus of course the piece de resistance - a victory :)


22nd Oct 2001, 13:05
Oh yes, I had to FORCE an Englishman to drink Bushmills to celebrate a great victory.

Mind you he took it gracefully, and came back for more :)


22nd Oct 2001, 13:20
Jayse, who would need forcing to drink Bushmills? Lovely stuff - and to think I used to live only a few miles from the distillery. Why did I ever move? Beats me! ;)

22nd Oct 2001, 13:49
I am assuming it was the bushmills he took gracefully....... ;)

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Oct 2001, 17:29
Hang on a tick!

Last season England were in full flow and Ireland wimped out because of foot & mouth (anyone knows that germs like that wouldn't survive on your average English rugby fan) - now with the championship already won they suffer from lack of match fitness and lack of interest.

Ireland Calling - fancy a small wager on the outcome of the 2002 meeting? Loser pays 50 quid to the PPRuNe fund... ;)