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21st Oct 2001, 03:44
I remember sseing a post about being able to put the pprune logo onto a mobile phone but i can't find the post. Anyone know how its done or have a link to the post in question..?????

The Nr Fairy
21st Oct 2001, 15:58
I'd like to know as well. Everyone in the office has EXACTLY the same type of phone - same colour and all, so being able to easily identify mine by it's PPRuNe logo background would be a bonus.

Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

21st Oct 2001, 23:34
You might wanna ask my big sis about this one! I believe Velvet has access to some software which converts picture files into a format which mobiles can use. Err or something like that...!

22nd Oct 2001, 19:12
Try this link http://www.grabapix.com/grabapix/main.asp
it is also free. Have not tried it yet.

23rd Oct 2001, 03:41
hassel - nice program.
I used it and created a logo. I wondered how the company was making money out of the program, but I figured that out as soon as it uploaded the logo to their website and asked me to pay a quid to download my logo :)

Anyway, those of you that are interested should go to www.grabpix.com (http://www.grabpix.com)

The logo name is Pprune
The ref number is 00061638
You need to call (UK) 09062 07 07 04 to download it apparently, but I've not tried it.

Another program you can use is LogoManager (www.logomanager.co.uk). This costs a bit of money to register, but you can create as many logos, picture messages, etc. as you like as well as ringtones. If you have an Infra-Red enabled phone you're good. If not, you need a cable.

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23rd Oct 2001, 06:26
Thanks people. Excellent program. I just got the logo from the phone number above. Call it and enter the number and thats it. Saved it as a picture file and using it as the screensaver. Set the screensaver to 05 and away you go, pprune logo looking good on the moby. :D Thanks again everyone.

The Nr Fairy
23rd Oct 2001, 16:27
I'm not sure whether to feel superior because I've got an Ericsson, or inferior because I can't download the piccie.

Either way, I suppose it evens out - anyone know how to do this for Ericssons ?

23rd Oct 2001, 18:52
NR Its easy this one. You just hit the Ericsson with a hammer and ask the boss for the new top spec Nokia 3330.!!

(anyway, what kind of outfit are you working for who gives thier workers Ericssons :eek:

23rd Oct 2001, 22:28
Nr - try this link: http://www.cellular.co.za/download_my_animation_for_ericsson_a2618s.htm

Only works if you're flying an Ericsson type A2618 ;) Not sure if there's anything for other Ericssons.