View Full Version : The irony of revenge...

Bandit *bob*
20th Oct 2001, 18:36
Here's an idea

Take all of the rubble, all of the huge blocks of concrete and steel, the old busted up computers, refrigerators, hot water heaters, air conditioners, lazy boy recliners, etc. Shovel it into C17's and C5's, fly over Afghanistan, and dump it all out from 32,000 feet.

You know, an old Frigidaire can do a hell of a lot of damage from 5 miles up.

With each assault we can drop leaflets "Greetings, from the 110th floor of the World Trade Center".

The next day it could be from the 109th floor. The next day it could be from the 108th floor, third day 107th, etc., etc. After 110 days of this I can't imagine much left standing on the ground. I can just see the headlines now "WORLD TRADE CENTER STRIKES BACK"!

What wonderful irony this would be, and think how much money we wouldn't have to spend on bombs or missiles. And if that isn't enough, we could do the same for tower 1 and 2 to make it 220 days of debris.

...........Oh, and then nuke em.


20th Oct 2001, 19:56
Once the site has been cleared, what should be put in place of the WTC?

The obvious choice of rebuilding the towers (but bigger) has some merit. However, I would prefer to see a statue of gigantic proportions raised there, How about an immense hand , with one finger raised in a less than friendly gesture facing the general direction of Kabul?

Carnage Matey!
20th Oct 2001, 22:45
Or as Jerry Seinfeld suggested, rebuild 3 towers, but instead of calling them 1 WTC, 2WTC, 3 WTC, call them "Go", "F***" and "Yourself"!!!!

Tom the Tenor
21st Oct 2001, 05:13
Again, get some C-17s, C-5s and of course some C-130s and load them up with about 2 million copies of Penthouse magazine and then go and drop the payload on the Taliban and their friends. Who knows what may happen, some of them have got to be so sexually frustrated they may come to see the West in a different light. Get them thinking anyway about all the pleasures that await them in the West. :eek: