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Few Cloudy
20th Oct 2001, 01:34
This article appeared in the “Goring and Streatly Advertiser” yesterday:

easyJet will buy 2 Concordes next January and operate them from Zürich to the island of Mazira. The operation is to be called easyMach.

There will be on board service provided by Crossair Catering with free champagne and orange juice but everything else (fondue – caviar etc.) charged for.

There will be training given to non-Concorde pilots (sic) and only captains of 58yrs and over need apply.

When asked why this change to the business plan was being made, Mr Webster said “Well we prefer to operate from derelict airfields and fuel prices are so low that it makes sense. Also, with only giant turtles available, we cannot be accused of promoting sex-tourism”.

Prices will begin at L59.50 (plus Fs60.- fat Katz charge) and level off at L1,200.- for a single journey. This includes a tented accomodation at Kuria Muria. An easyBoat service is planned.

Webster says the biggest cost factor will be trying to design a website address sticker which avoids the windows. He said Saturday, “I have received a few pointed remarks but am not getting reheated about it…”

The Advertiser thinks the move will assist troubled British Airways by bringing in needed capital. Southern Germany has agreed “in principle” to overflights in approach but not after take off, for some reason. Bundesamt Leuenberger has bought seats on the first flight for his family at an undisclosed price. He will be going diving with his friends Mr Honneger and Mr Bruggiser, he says. Apparently Mr Bruggiser will be taking his own tent, provided it gets past security.

No comment yet by the Advertiser’s sister paper, the Ruti and District Rag due to their trouble with a received fake packet of foot and mouth disease.

Sounds serious.

The Fat Controller
20th Oct 2001, 01:51
What about the lobster ! Feasted on many from Masirah in my time at Thumrait !
Also, the Kuria Muria islands looked quite nice from what I remember, care of my brief overflight in a 6 Squadron Hunter.
Put me down for a ticket, and a side trip to Mughsail beach to the SW of Salalah.
Dreaming of warmer climes.....an ex-Airwork employee, now with NATS for my sins.

Few Cloudy
21st Oct 2001, 16:34
ok fatco,

make sure you don't get sand in it....

i'm a bit pissed off actually - all that hard work making a new rumour - and it ends up down here!

22nd Oct 2001, 11:37
Following my question to HugMonster on the Blue Planet thread, and in view of FatCo's reminiscences, above, was some bastard nicking the claws off those Masirah lobsters and selling them separately? I think we should be told.

[edited for test purposes]