View Full Version : GUVNOR..Append inane comments HERE.

19th Oct 2001, 20:18
Thought it might be useful to the community if the Guvnor had his own thread.

This way rest of us don't have to be exposed to inane uninformed twaddle.

Think of all the happy hours / days you can spend looking at your own... (thread) :D :cool:

19th Oct 2001, 20:45
Charlie Delta, leave the poor man alone.
What has he ever done to you ?

OK Neil, what's your latest and greatset plan?

You appear to have become the one person on PPrune whom everyone feels free to attack; do you realise you are providing a valuable socail service ? You could probably get Govt funding for this !

19th Oct 2001, 20:48

Congratulations on being appointed (promoted) to moderator of this forum... ;) :D ;) :D :cool:

19th Oct 2001, 21:29
Do you mean "The Guvnor" (the original), or, the interloper "Guvnor" - ????? :confused:

20th Oct 2001, 04:28
No one has a problem where he just posts the information from papers/internet etc.

I think what's peeing everyone off are his grandiose comments about how EZY* (* delete and replace with whichever airline is in the news on a particular day) are doing everything incorrectly and are heading downhill.

I think you can only really make defining comments (financial etc) when you have a decent track record. From all the comments and internet links elsewhere, it's pretty obvious that his business plans are bollocks and won't happen.

THAT'S what people are frustrated about.