View Full Version : Modern Art really is Rubbish - Offical!!!!!!!!!

19th Oct 2001, 17:50


Twin 1
23rd Oct 2001, 17:46
I have seen some of the guys work (dead cow/sheep) and I thaught it was the biggest pile of S**T I have ever seen! The only thing in the whole exabition that I thaugt was good was a concave mirror, if you steped near enough your image would be inverted (much to my amusment) until a burly securty gaurd told me to "back off" :mad: (it was next to the S**T mira hindly picture).
The whole exabition was the biggest bunch of C**p I have ever seen. It was sick!!!!!!!! :mad: :confused: :mad:

23rd Oct 2001, 20:16
From the above article:
retrieved the items from the rubbish bags and used photographs to recreate the exhibit

@ssholes :mad: