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18th Oct 2001, 01:39
Seems this suburban guy left for work on Sept. 11 at about 6:00AM to go to his office in the WTC.
When he got to Manhattan he went to his lover's apartment in the Village, turned his cell phone off, and climbed into bed with her.
At about 10:00AM, while still lying next to her, he turned his cell phone on, and a second later it rang. He answered, and it was his wife who screamed at him, "Where are you? I've been trying to call you for an hour. I've been worried sick about you!!!" So he answered, "Where do you think I am? I'm in my office!!!" :D

429 CJ
18th Oct 2001, 02:53
Did the earth move for you? ;)

18th Oct 2001, 04:48
Did you pluck that one off the urban legends site? :p