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Fr O'Blivien
1st Jun 2001, 23:44
I recently saw (on PPRuNe) a link to a site that asked for pilots inputs to the Chenmtrails nonsense.

Can anyone point me back that way cos I lost it.


Floppy Link
2nd Jun 2001, 00:29

www.carnicom.com (http://www.carnicom.com)

it has a bulletin board - quite amusing and sad.

4th Jun 2001, 00:06
I was looking at that website today, for the first time. Quite amazing. One young man has an idea.......

From the board.........
Then again...those could be just asphalt tankers. I hauled some of that stuff and it required the HOT placard as well. Big metal tanks like you describe.

I have a theory that the chemplanes might be using modular fuel tanks that fit through ordinary cargo doors like FedEx cargo cans, for example. These could be transported pre-loaded in normal tractor-trailer rigs (not tankers)....then rolled onto the aircraft over the roller platforms onto the aircraft. I've hauled this type of large air freight as well. These trailers are special trailers with retractable rollers inside....makes it easy to slide cargo on and off. Once you get loaded you can just hydraulically retract the floor rollers and the cargo stays put. They have the same set up in the aircraft cargo bays……like in the Fed Ex planes for example.

Imagine, if these big metal chemical tanks were being loaded onto normal cargo aircraft through the big cargo doors. Then once inside they could be connected with common bayonet type hose connectors. This way, a cargo aircraft, once it's mission was done, could easily be modified back into whatever cargo application it might have. You wouldn't need a custom tanker aircraft if the tanks were loaded in modular form. This way the truck driver wouldn't have to know what he was transporting....(except that it was some air cargo) and the tanks could be connected to an internal/external plumbing system that led to the external spray nozzles. When one of the fuel tanks is empty, it could be just off loaded in the same manner in rotation to be re-filled off site....in the back doors and out the front so to speak….and nobody ever would know this aircraft was being used as a spray tanker!

I'll have to draw a diagram of this idea and show why it is feasible.

4th Jun 2001, 00:23
This'll be the one I guess...

Freak Show (http://teksphere.com/discus/messages/212/212.html?MondayMay2820010358pm)

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Send Clowns
4th Jun 2001, 03:54
Mmmmm, not telling the pilot what he is carrying as his cargo empties one tank at a time. Not entirely sure he'd be relaxed about the change in C of G over the flight http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif ! Even with modern flight computers some pilots are still switched-on enough to notice the change in power required as well.

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