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Tricky Woo
16th Oct 2001, 20:27
Hi All,

Just given up smoking (again) and I have to say that I feel few ill effects at all. The sky is bluer, the grass greener, food tastes better, and all the lambs in the fields are healthier. Why, oh why, did I ever start smoking again?

However, coincidentally, I'm feeling as grumpy as hell at the mo', so if any of you b*stards want to start a post fight, then I'm your man. You'll get what you deserve, alright, you b*stards. So which of you b*stards wants a good flame war?



16th Oct 2001, 20:51
Stick with it.

I'm just coming up on a whole Year or not smoking :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Not bad for a bloke who was burning 50-60 of the the little white sh&ts a day.

Are you using any crutches? I used nicotine patches for about 10 weeks. Second time I tried them, but I think a lot of it was down to it being the 'right time' to stop.

Good luck!!!

16th Oct 2001, 22:05
Tricky, any idiot can give up smoking. It takes absolutely no will power whatsoever and anyone who reckons otherwise is a weak-willed, lily-livered girlīs blouse of the worst kind.

Why quit anyway? Itīs sociable, slimming and everyone loves a smoker.

Wanna take the bait? Smoker boy?

16th Oct 2001, 23:44

Sarcastic Reverse psychology


Agonising withdrawl symptoms


Wideboy with 747 fitted nasally (or somewhere even more painfull, depending on how bad tricky feels ATM)

17th Oct 2001, 00:15
I hate to have to say this Tricky, but as one who has admired much of what you stand for (apart, of course, from that stupid name, your general illiteracy, and the pervading smell of old shag) I am forced to conclude that your willpower is at least as weak as your intellect.

Repent, dear boy, and cleave to a philosophy! The prolific posters on this cyber-hoarding all have that in common. The religious nuts have mostly been shown the door, but there is a lot of space left for you. Believe in Management like the G****r.
Believe in lechery, like Sla***r. believe in Kilts, like Reddo. Believe in yourself, like Tartan Gannet. Believe in some very strange things indeed, like Davaar, but unlike the wily old Canuck you may be able to manage without mind altering substances.

Carpe Diem! Per Ardua ad Astra! Pax Vobiscum! Cave Canem! Doli Incapax! Volenti Non Fit Injuria!

See what I mean?

Bless you my son. Well, up to a point anyway.

tony draper
17th Oct 2001, 00:55
Big cissy.
Smoke tabs.
drink beer.
chase wimin. ;)

Don't know why your moaning, you should have had Drapers day, had a bit of niggle from a molar the last couple of days, sharp pain if drinking anything hot or cold, ignored same.
Woke up this morning with side of face swollen like a ballooon,arrgggghhhhh, have bad abcess on root.
Felt very i'll shivering and sweating,medical friend says, Draper get up to Doctors double quick, said quack has given poor Draper some antibiotics.
Poor Draper feels lousy, still, think I'll have a cup of coffee, and of course a ciggy.to settle ones nerves as it were.
:( :(

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17th Oct 2001, 01:44
Thanks for reminding me Herr Draper. Had similar episode about ten years back. Root canal treatment not very amusing. Decade of repeat visits to fix bits falling off now dead tooth. Major reconstruction job tomorrow

17th Oct 2001, 08:06
Hmm small world, TowerDog himself choose today to give up them cigarattes.
(Done it many times before: It is easy to quit, but hard not to start over again:Since you know you can quit, just go back to the ciggys and smoke for a few days, then quit again..)

Been going reasonable well, only yelled at the better half a few times. (Mistake)
Also kicked the dog a few times, but the stupid thing bites back.

Did not think of a flamewar to unload frustration, but perhaps a good idea.

Or just take the car out and drive in rush hour traffic, kick some ass and let 'em know who NOT to fornicate with. Not today. No Sir, here is the finger and here is the horn. Screw ya too.

Aye, not that bad actually, staying away from coffe and beer for a few weeks. Easier to forget smoking then.

The next step in this get-well-program is to quit PPRuNe.
Any patches, drugs or folk medicine for it? :eek:

Corporate Yank
17th Oct 2001, 08:30
CONGRATS...It took me 40 years of smoking everything that burns to finally say enough. (Yes, some of my gray matter brain cells finally woke up). Yesterday, 3 of my mates and myself went through a high altitude physiological course (altitude chamber), through a program that FAA coordinates with the USAF. Very interesting trying to do arithmetic at fl250 without O2 after 2 minutes (just like a Friday night buzz), (damn every cigar I ever smoked). My mates are joggers/runners that span from 45-60 years old (nonsmokers)and they all beat me (55 years). From what I saw yesterday, anybody who routinely cruises above fl250 should schedule this training. Your first cabin depressurization should be under controlled circumstances, in the company of people who know what they are doing. Smoking cessation??? Just remember every time you purchase tobacco, "Why am I dumb enough to pay somebody who is trying to kill me"??? Food for thought...CY

Robert Cooper
17th Oct 2001, 09:44
I stopped last weekend too, after 40 years of smoking the filthy weed. However, according to this thread all we can look forward to are root canals and explosive depressurization. Enough to make one want a ciggy.

Hang in TW, we are all pulling together :)


Douglas Spragg
17th Oct 2001, 11:38
What ho peoples

Stopped just six months ago. The "desperately need a fag" syndrome is slowly wearing off. I found the week in hospital with pneumonia was as good method as any!! The other thing was a book on an easy way to give up smoking rather than using patches which didn't work for me. I guess everybody has a particular favorite.

To those of you going through the early phases - congratulations and hang on in there. If you backslide, there is always another time - I think that it takes on average three tries to succeed.

With all the money I am saving, I can at last afford a few rude chapesses.

17th Oct 2001, 12:17
Having practised this particular perversion, giving up ciggys, till I had it down cold, went cold and finaly made it eight years ago. Finaly managed to stop craving after about six, last two years dead easy.
Be warned, your metabolism changes. That is at least how they describe the balloon effect that took place, to my distress.
I put that down to
a) continous craving that had to be satisfied somehow.
b) I had been popping something into my mouth for so long I simply searched for something else to pop in.
c) my taste buds slowly recovered from having being anaethetised with smoke tar and nocotine for years and began to function again, food now tasted extremely good.

Will power, I thought I had, but now it seems that I had merely replaced one placebo with another. Upon reaching five hundred... I am kidding! Upon approaching two hundred pounds,really, having been 180 for about twenty years I did wonder if I had done the right thing, but rest assured my hangovers are now pussycats compared to the monsters that used to greet wy waking moments in the old days.
There again I probably don't drink so much now, having found out after years of experimentation that my headaches were not simply an allergy to shoe leather(I had thought that going to sleep with my shoes on was the cause of the pounding skull in the morning). I had discounted clothing because that happens quite frequently, I am an incipient narcoleptic,or just seize opportune moments to nap.
I had also thought that the maga throbbers were probably due to the fact that fags are a stimulant and booze is a depresant, more you drink more you smoke, body trying to maintain an equilibrium, a course bound for disaster because the internal gyros eventualy topple due to submerged bearings.

It's all a fascinating experiment and I know that you will have fun trying all these things at home. Rest assurred TW we are all in there rooting for you, smokers and non smokers alike, either smug as hell and knowing the pain, or wishing we too could do it.
There are of course those really odd ones who never had the balls, or stupidity, to try the sport, and they will probably have left this thread ages ago.

Good luck Tricky Wu or is it Fu and may the force be with you.

Hmm that's a pretty tame flame ah well I'm feeling good today my new crown is working well.

17th Oct 2001, 13:00
Good Luck Tricky!!

...spirit of the blitz....etc....etc.... :D :D

As an ashmatic I am profoundly glad I never got hooked on the weed. :eek:

Tried it once at school and it never did anything for me, thank god....

Dunno how ashmatics who are smokers cope thouigh... :rolleyes:

17th Oct 2001, 14:53
Tricky i'd be glad to start a flame war with you, last time I quit I belted some [email protected] who cut me off with his mini van and I felt infinatly better.
so I give you a week then you wont give a sh!t how blue the sky is or how green the grass is (you may want to roll some up and smoke it) and you will want to kill the lambs for looking at you the wrong way. The reality is you will have another cigarette at the pub or a party then procede to lie to your self and pretend you didn't enjoy it, you will however find it sensational cos it makes you dizzy again just like they did when you were a kid, you'll p!ss every smoker you know of by bludging of them for a few days you'll buy a pack tell yourself its just the one and its been a stresfull day then you'll be back.

I'm having a cigarette now (marlboro 100 16mg's) hmmm tasty, bring on the flaming triky I can handle it, how nasty can an it geek get ?

Tricky Woo
17th Oct 2001, 16:46
When will you b*stards learn that when I'm in this sort of mood the last thing I want to read is some sort of 'solidarity' bollocks. I don't want your 'good lucks', your smug anecdotes, your motivational scribblings and whatnot. Stick 'em all where the sun don't shine.

I want a f**king cigarette.



tony draper
17th Oct 2001, 17:08
AH!,Nothing quite like rolling out of bed giving oneself a vigorous scratching pouring that first cup of coffee, and lighting up the first Malboro of the day,Ah heaven, or after a good meal,a ciggy rounds it off just perfick, you will find that you miss those moments T W, just a tad. ;)
Tee hee, tee hee heee. :D

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Biggles Flies Undone
17th Oct 2001, 17:57
Hey Tricky, you better hope your mate TG doesn't spot this thread - I'm sure he would have some kind words of encouragement :D :eek:

Tricky Woo
17th Oct 2001, 19:44
Hmm, a flame war with TG would be just the ticket right now. Not seen any posts by him for a while. Has he upped stumps again? If he has, then I have another Scott of the Antarctic-type post waiting in the wings...

You'll all be glad to know that I've already lapsed today and had a couple of ciggies. A poor effort by TW, I think you'll all agree. However, I'm still grumpy as I'm rather disappointed by my lack of determination.

B*stards, the lot of yer.


17th Oct 2001, 19:57

Cigarettes, you need them because you are WEAK

Feel any better??

17th Oct 2001, 21:08
Weak stuff Tricky. I donīt think you could take on TG in a flame war without the ever present crutch of your nicotene dependency.

Girls prefer smokers too.

Capt PPRuNe
17th Oct 2001, 21:12
hey Tricky, I gave up over 10 years ago and I'd been smoking since I was about 7 :eek:

The secret is multiplication tables and iced water... :confused:

Go figure? :p

Tricky Woo
19th Oct 2001, 14:46
Oh bollocks, bollocks, bollocky-bollocks.

My minor lapse has turned into a major breach: I'm smoking like Ivor the sodding Engine again.

I'll try again sometime during the next millenium.



19th Oct 2001, 15:11

So you're going back to the foul smelling breath, clothes, house and so looking forward to that sad, painful, early, cancerous death? Good luck :eek:


21st Oct 2001, 08:32
smokers smell yucky! :( :eek: :(

22nd Oct 2001, 03:26
Dear TW

OH woe is me.
You have just slipped off pole position on my list of possible candidates for a bit of deflowering. ( speaking as a 19 year old, buxom, blonde bimbette who hates the nasty niff of the weed)
Incentive enough for you????
Make love not fisticuffs


Tricky Woo
22nd Oct 2001, 14:10
Dear Stoorie,

Still needing deflowering at the age of nineteen is virgin on the ridiculous. I'm having another go at stopping smoking this week, and if I'm successful, then hop onto an aeroplane to Zürich, and I'll help you out with your problem. You'll find that I'll give you a damn good helping out, too.

Poor dove, you must be in pain.


22nd Oct 2001, 14:44
Hey Capt PPRuNe,
I thought that method was to prevent something else from happening too soon? :eek:

25th Oct 2001, 04:46
I am particularly grumpy this morning, and I don't even have giving up smoking as an excuse....god help me if I did, coz then I'd be near on imposssible...

Anyway, TW....just another couple of reasons to give up smoking - artherosclerosis and peripheral vascular disease. I really think you'd be much better off keeping both your legs, but perhaps you may think otherwise :)


26th Oct 2001, 22:46
Piece of incidental information for all you male smokers - atherosclerosis also affects a particularly important part of the male anatomy...... not only your legs !!!!
:eek: :eek:

The Guvnor
27th Oct 2001, 00:51
... this is your excuse as to why you're still a virgin, is it, [b]Stoorie? :D ;) :eek:

tony draper
27th Oct 2001, 01:20
Judging by physical size, heart rate metabolism ect, the human body was designed by evolution to last thirty five to forty years, max.
Thats long enough to sire,give birth to, guard from the sabre tooth, teach our young to hunt and gather, chip flint ect,then we are supposed to have the good grace to pop our clogs,and let the young start all over again, thats what nature intended.
So anything over forty is due to technology, antibiotics, artificial diet,clean water ect.
So live clean until your thirty five them smoke drink eat grease,do as you will,abuse your skin suit, your on bonus time anyway. ;)

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bubba zanetti
27th Oct 2001, 01:38
Too true Mr. Draper ...
Now in my mid forties I have taken to vice with a vengence ... hmmm ... might actually become my epitath, vice with a vengence ... I like that.
I drink vast quantaties of Stolichnaya, womanize and just this week amy trying my hand at quoffing a fag or two. Those around me doing the opposite, eating Greens Plus, jogging and worrying about their fat intake seem, as a consequence, to be having no fun at all worrying about the finite nature of life.
Smoke, eat, drink and be free for tommorrow or soon after you shall surely die!!!

tony draper
27th Oct 2001, 01:55
Heh heh, guy I worked with for many years, didn't take up drinking when he was 57, boy is he making up for lost time.
Just the oposit to Draper, started at 14, jacked it in when I was thirty five.
Funny old world init. ;)
Slumming tonight Mr Zanetti?. ;)

Anyway,I think its a huge cosmic joke on us that everything we enjoy is bad for us.

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27th Oct 2001, 02:01
Tongue firmly in cheek with first post to TW....only one description can be accurately attributed to me ! Alas !!!
I'll leave it up to your imagination to decide which one.
I always feel a little white lie... if made with good intentions...can't be all bad. :)

bubba zanetti
27th Oct 2001, 02:55
Taking a walk on the seedy side Mr. Draper ... fun here! :)

27th Oct 2001, 04:21
Try the patch, and carrot sticks work in a mediocre way. I'm a bit grumpy as well these days, people I have worked with for years are all of a sudden not at work anymore having been given notice and escorted out of the building. On entering operations this morning I passed three co-workers who all asked the same question - Are you OK? I answered in the same way...Yes still OK, what time is it? Hell I've still got a job and I'm still grumpy. Had a friend who tried to quit smoking once. Same day he crossed the street and walked right into a bus. Luckily the bus was stationary at the time. Live for the moment, do random acts of kindness. ;)

Edited for a supplement.

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27th Oct 2001, 06:07
Ya, the patch works, as long as you wear IT!

Here in Canada, a box of seven patches...which your supposed to change everyday...costs almost the same as a pack a day! No incentive there. I tried it though, and it worked great, I had to cut the patches in half though, the first day I wore one, I haven't been that high since '72!

They work great, as long as you wear them. The problem with the nicotine replacement items on the market, they are just that, a
replacement, not a cure.

But a warning to people who think they can quit cold turkey.....DON'T DO IT! Let your body gradually adjust to the lack of chemicals. I know of several people who have had health problems when they dropped the butt so to speak. The Health profession is so busy trying to get us all to quit, and rightly so, but they don't want us to know of all the side effects.

Never quit cold turkey! The worst thing you can do to your body is deprive it of what it's used to.

And as I sit here and light another one...

27th Oct 2001, 06:44
Anybody see the ad for the patch, where the doc says, "Biggest fish to ever come outta that lake," and they show a pic of an Atlantic salmon?
Some @#$%^& lake! :rolleyes:

27th Oct 2001, 08:46

I quit cold turkey 11 days ago.
No side affects to report. Feel great.
Also quit coffe and alcohol at the same time and started drinking green tea. Good stuff.

Will start up the beer drinking again soon as I can safely do so without reaching for a pack of Marlboro. (3 weeks should be ok)

Quit many times before, easy to quit, but hard not to start again a few months or years later, because: "I might as well smoke a few since I know I can quit anytime I want to.."

Yeah right.

28th Oct 2001, 00:42
After 40 years of the weed I give you the ultimate method to stop smoking.
I've had one.
Lose of licence.
No more flying.
Oh S**T
Life is a bitch
THEN you die