View Full Version : JetStar Logo

3rd Jan 2004, 17:39
Has anyone seen the JetStar logo on the left side of the plane?

3rd Jan 2004, 20:14
Like most things to do with Impulse they probably haven't htought of that yet! :rolleyes:

Or maybe that's the side that we will advertise our sponsors on? :) (I have heard that WON'T be happening.)

Buster Hyman
3rd Jan 2004, 20:21
Just hold it up to a mirror!

Chilli Muscle
3rd Jan 2004, 22:24
You have to like the idea of the local kindy doing logos though.

6th Jan 2004, 09:18
From what I can estimate, it doesn't fit very easily on a B717 - unless they do a bit of adjusting to it......

6th Jan 2004, 11:29

I guess the 'J' starts at the THS and the 'T' at the top of the fin.

Absolute crap livery and crap name.

'Q Star' would be much better, with the 'Q' taking up the entire

tail. :ok:

15th Jan 2004, 15:16
I liked the cockatoo colour scheme - at least it would have meant something Australian and pest value at that.

19th Jan 2004, 20:24
The majority of negative comments in all these posts about Jetstar, Qantas, and Virgin Blue for that matter, seem to come from the "ghosts" of Ansett. Sour Grapes? Jealous? Envious? Uncalled for! Sorry, Build a bridge guys