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henry crun
16th Oct 2001, 11:43
This is an abridged version of the original.

October 7, 2001 Kabul ( Voice of Sharia)

5,000 workers laid off by Al Qaeda.
Citing worldwide reaction to the recent attacks, multi national terror network Al Qaeda announced Friday that it would lay off 5,000 or more holy warriors.

The ‘holy war’ concern said the move was in necessary because of the expected cost and
complexity of thwarting new airport and security measures.
“This is, without doubt, the most difficult thing I have had to do in my over two decades as a terrorist” said Al Qaeda mastermind and chief operations officer Osama bin Laden in a letter to employees.
“I have declared a state of emergency at Al Qaeda” he said, “this declaration is an official recognition that, hard as it may be to accept, our networks very survival depends on dramatic change to our operations, our jihad, and worst of all, our staffing levels.

The cuts, Bin Laden, said would include both mujahadin and clerics. They will impact on
Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq.
Some mujahadin will be notified immediately, others won’t be told until the end of next week as they finish the their present tasks, according to Taliban spokesman Wakil Ahmed.
Staff cuts for suicide pilots, car bombers,petty clerics, and other holy warriors will be based on
seniority Ahmed said, in a deal worked out at a meetings with Bin Laden and union officials.
Mujahadin and others who lose their jobs will not receive any severance package, but could instead have their limbs severed if they protest this action, according to the Al Qaeda statement.

Al Qaeda is the latest in a string of terror network layoff announcements, pushing the total of announced cuts in the last five days to 10,000.
Referring to the massive US troop movements involving three carrier groups and the
Mediterranean and Arabian sea, worried Afghani ulemas in testimony during the emergency sharia council told their spititual leader Mullah Mohsmmed Omar that the number is likely to cross the
20,000 threshhold during the coming days through attrition, with none of the expected openings slated to be filled.

Finally, a mujahad interviewed about the job cuts had this to say, “ our leadership has once again shown that they possess the IQ of a piece of naan. Why layoff 5000 now when the US and the British are about to eliminate twice that number anyway ? “. He added, “ loyalty is dead, most
terrorist employers issue a pink slip the moment they figure they don’t need someone for a few weeks”.