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16th Oct 2001, 00:14
Saw this on a local pilots association website:

During a recent business trip to Boeing's Everett, Wash., factory, an engineer noticed several 747 and 777 airliners being assembled.

Before the engines were installed, huge weights were hung from the wings to keep the planes balanced. The solid-steel weights were bright yellow and marked, '14,000 lbs.'

But what he found particularly interesting was some stenciling that he discovered on the side of each weight.

Imprinted there was the warning: 'Remove before flight.'

16th Oct 2001, 10:23
Start 2.... S'funny no N1 on the yellow job?!

16th Oct 2001, 13:50
No N1 rotation?


Fuel condition lever to cutoff, motor the weight for 30 seconds then try again.

Oh - and don't forget to test the bricks are working immediately on starting to taxy... :D

16th Oct 2001, 17:29
I've got a "remove before flight" streamer as a keyring for my car keys.

It makes sense. When an -87 VW Golf takes off, you'll want to cut the engine! :D


17th Oct 2001, 00:53
Girlfriend has it on her nightgown... :D

I had streamer sewn alongside the fly of my "SAR" shorts at one time ... hehehe ....

17th Oct 2001, 01:16
There was a story going round during the Falklands campaign that a freighter full of live Air to Air missiles was put under the charge of a female Air Loadmaster.

Just before takeoff, as they all sat there quietly in their racks, she noticed that they all had a flag on a pin saying "Remove Before Flight".

So she did.... :eek:


17th Oct 2001, 03:30
True story.

I used to know someone who was there at the time - he related the scene to me. It was a C130 to BFS. The big noisy lumps of ordnance normally went by SD3-60, but on this occasion they already had a very big and expensive bit of kit going over anyway, so the toys got put on as well.

Yes, it was a female loadie. She hadn't been trained in such a load, and was therefore considered absolved of blame by the subsequent Board of Inquiry. I gather she's still flying.

17th Oct 2001, 12:12

One of our loadies at the time suggested she should have been given her own permanently attached "Remove before Flight" label!! :D