View Full Version : Outbreaks of 'Guv-Rage'

Capt Byrd de Styrke
15th Oct 2001, 17:06
Outbreaks of 'Guv-rage' are becomming increasingly common, onboard commercial avaition, messaging systems, particularly on Pprune and Airliners.net which have the highest recorded incidence of this phenomena.

New measures should be introduced to reduce 'Guv-rage'events as it is becomming all to common for a topic to degenerate into a childish dialogue.

Please suggest new measures to reduce the risk of 'Guv-rage' spreading any further, as I'm getting bored of it.

15th Oct 2001, 17:15
To borrow from Harry Enfields 'the Scousers'
a simple
"All right, all right! Calm Down!"
might surfice!

Boss Raptor
15th Oct 2001, 21:23
Simple answer 'terminate' The Guvnor... :rolleyes:

Kermit 180
16th Oct 2001, 13:05
GUV RAGE? Guv Rage; never heard of it. :p

Greg Baddeley
16th Oct 2001, 14:47
Perhaps we should try to encourage the Guv in his attemps to start an airline.....after all, if it ever got going, he wouldn't have the time to keep winding us all up :) :) :)

16th Oct 2001, 18:46
It does answer the question regarding what airline management do all day.

Sit there on their computers and surf the net.

Then of course, he's not really airline management...!
http://flytristar.tripod.com/article/art06.html - always happy to quote this!

Boss Raptor
18th Oct 2001, 15:22
Runs to defence - Please note not all management are like 'The Guv'!!!!


21st Oct 2001, 06:47
Oh, how I long for the days before we had to worry about things like Guv Rage, Runway incursions and controlled flight into terrain.


21st Oct 2001, 07:53
But isn't a landing "controlled flight into terrain?"

I too yearn for the days before political correctness when a blunder was a blunder and a crash was a crash. :rolleyes:

Through difficulties to the cinema

21st Oct 2001, 08:43
Generally speaking, IMHO most dislike the Guv's comments....because he is almost always RIGHT. That is, right, as in correct.
The truth hurts...eh guys?

Boss Raptor
21st Oct 2001, 17:21
'Always right' !

No he speaks the facts...subtle difference between fact and opinion...

24th Oct 2001, 13:28
I take full responsibility for all outbreaks of Guv-rage, and would also like to state, for the record that I AM A COMPLETE ****!

24th Oct 2001, 13:45
Correct. You are. Now go away and grow up.