View Full Version : Big Brother - bamboo shoots under fingernails...

Mad Pax
1st Jun 2001, 02:23
My beloved is torturing me. By switching on to 'Big Brother', she has forced me to evac the room and hide in this forum. Please help me and don't tell her where I am until that foul effluent collective of sphincter splinters has finished Tx.

Oi got a bran' new comboine 'aarverster...

1st Jun 2001, 02:58
But what about that Penny!?! Isn't she a one? Who'd you think will be the first to have sex? Isn't Amma lovely? Stuart? This year's Nasty Nick if you ask me. Bubble- silly hats alone won't make you the winner....

2nd Jun 2001, 15:04
Having elected to watch it because the girlfriend wished to. IMHO I have derived more intersesting viewing at the Gorilla house at the London Zoo, and the gorillas seemed a politer calmer more dignified and better adjusted group to boot.
On the same night we watched survivor which holds marginaly more interest in that there always exists the possibility that one of the gang might get eaten by something.
This one however was an excrutiatingly polite revisiting of the searing personal ordeal of the eviction 'Anne Robinson' style of some toothpaste model who seemed totaly bemused that her secret weapon had not carried her through to the million clams.
Since I am talking about them it has obviously achieved its aims and managed to regurgitate some turgid rubbish into my sadly reduced brain. Damn I knew that this longhaul was ruining something