View Full Version : Feeling Angry!

15th Oct 2001, 00:54
I don't know about anyone else but I am getting hacked off about people saying that the US deserved some kind of retribution.

These fanatics have decimated our industry (and yes, I know, some companies may have used the excuse but the events have certainly acted as a catalyst) - I just think it's time to get angry and channel that anger into some constructive action.

16th Oct 2001, 10:47
Yeah, know how your feeling.

These terrorists have been apparently attacking everything the West 'tries' to stand for. Free travel, free trade.

And now it MAY look like they are using weapons of mass destruction. i.e Anthrax....

I think it maybe the time for the west to rethink it's stance of weapons of mass destruction...

Kermit 180
16th Oct 2001, 14:16
Find the Taliban HQ, drop a bag of cream and jam buns on it to give 'em a good feed of western goodies. Oh, dont forget to lace the buns with anthrax first. :eek: