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31st Dec 2003, 20:20
af001.com's present for our British friends.
In order to end this year in a great way, we are very pleased to give you an exclusive video of one of the last french Concorde flight.

Greatfull Going around made by Captain Jacky Ramon in CDG (may 30th 2003)

In our mind this goind around embodies what Concorde is :

her better place is not in any museum but above the SKY !!!

We wish you an happy New Year 2004 !!!!!

www.af001.com (chose the ""videos" link)

size : 11, 1 Mo / time : 5 min 03 / format Quicktime (.mov)

The af001.com Team

3rd Jan 2004, 12:52
AF001 - Thanks alot. You've got some great videos there. It was a very emotional retirement for alot of us here. A few of us saw your Tricolours at Heathrow on the final day.

In some ways that made it even sadder - it was a project of dreams, and on that day the dreams - supersonic at least - of two nations really were over.