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Bob Hawke
29th May 2001, 10:13
Well, is it true? We have had discussion about homosexuals, religion, sex, now let's talk about wives. Some nice jokes would be good too.

So, what is it chaps, would you like to have more than one wife, or would you prefer none at all, or just the sweet lady you have now.

Let the games begin.

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Dave Incognito
29th May 2001, 10:27
Didn’t some bloke get done for polygamy recently in the US? For memory he had 5 wives and about one thousand kids.

That’s a decent effort if you ask me. I guess he’s a believer in the old adage:

“Sex between two people is good. Sex between 6 people is fantastic.”

Have a god one, Dave.

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29th May 2001, 11:33
It strikes me as a bit unfair that it's always the blokes with several wives and never the other way round.
So come on girls, how many husbands could you manage?

29th May 2001, 11:49
I believe the penalty for polygamy is incremental.

The more wives you have the more mothers-in -law you acquire.

Say again, Approach....you want us to do what???

29th May 2001, 12:05
My ex wifes, farther had a live in mistress.

When I first realised what was going on, I thought it was a great idea. WRONG.

When he did something wrong, they used to gang up on him. He got twice the grief.

We used to hide away with a good bottle of red and he used to rue the day he fell into the trap. :)

Both wives had pet hates, he had to remember two anniversaries, two birthdays and each had to be wooed in a different way.

They of course would swap notes and look out for each other. He was not permitted to ask quetions. He had to know. (or suffer the wrath of both)

The poor old b*gger never stood a chance. Outnumbered, outgunned and outmatched.

No wonder he had the look of a hunted animal. ;)

Stay cool, stay longer.

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Bob Hawke
30th May 2001, 04:00
Poor Barstard.

30th May 2001, 04:40
Why would you want more than one?

Take that anyway you like...

30th May 2001, 06:15
did the guy have a tendancy to marry sisters, therefore reducing the total number of mothers in law!

as for me i think that i only need 2 husbands.
one to cook and one to clean :) :) :)

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

30th May 2001, 07:40

Obviously all part of his cunning plan


Say again, Approach....you want us to do what???

Send Clowns
30th May 2001, 13:57
Definitely hard enough coping with one woman http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif. Couldn't manage two, either openly or in a covert affair.

'Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air'

30th May 2001, 14:46
"So, what is it chaps, would you like to have more than one wife"

Hawke I'm not a chap, but............
When our kids were small, the days I was at home I was stuck in the classic situation. Small kids, endlessly busy with nappies, sterilizing bottles, cleaning, crying infants, mashing peas, washing clothes. Husband busy at work making the career and hardly an adult to be seen the whole day, since my friends were in the same situation and trying to coordinate all the feeding and nap-times was nigh-on impossible. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

In those days I often thought how nice it would have been to have a couple of "co-wives" to share kids, house and hubby with. Fellow females for company, to laugh and gripe with, share the shopping and the cooking and the kids. What with having kids clamouring for attention the whole day, and spending a large chunk of time either suckling, cuddling or otherwise in close physical contact with another tiny human being, sex wasn't very high on muy list of priorities either, so I would willingly have shared Mr40 with some friendly females as well! ;)
Not feeling like having sex as often as he did in those days made me feel bad, and knowing that he was happily engaged in his favourite pastime with a co-wife would definitely have cheered me up!

So the kids are bigger and life is a lot more fun now, but yes, in those days I often thought that polygamy would have been the perfect solution. :)

Singularly Simple Person........

Kaptin M
30th May 2001, 14:56
For a man to marry once, he could be forgiven for being ignorant of the realities...

- to marry a second time, some would say a fool...

- but to marry a third!! Definitely a masochist.

Now read on....

Polygamist back in the game - big style.
BANGKOK - A notorious Japanese polygamist arrested in the '70s for the statutory rape of one of his 11 teen-age Thai wives has resurfaced in Cambodia - this time with 60 wives, a Cambodian newspaper reported Wednesday.
Toshio Tamamoto's roughly 60 teen-age Cambodian brides are paying for him to live a modest lifestyle in Siem Reap.
None of the families of 68 year-old Tamamoto's five dozen spouses have complained about him, and Cambodian authorities say that as long as he is doing nothing illegal they have no reason to be concerned with him.

30th May 2001, 15:22
actually sep i think i recall that the guy used to be married to the mother of one of his wives
which would make her his mother in law and ex wife! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif
thats gotta be trouble, but must make for a very interesting family tree http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

Kaptin M
30th May 2001, 18:46
You mean it [the family tree] has got common roots, ding??!!