View Full Version : Do Skippers know where they're going?

30th Dec 2003, 21:43
I hope the map here (http://www.skippers.com.au/map3.htm) isn't the one Skippers drivers are using.

Their Monkey Mia pax are going to be a bit upset when they arrive in Learmonth and I'm pretty sure the Kalbarri pax don't want to go to Shark Bay - although according to the map that's where they'll be going!

Good to see that Skippers have also added a few new places into the WA outback - 'Telfa', 'Dortot' and 'Laulers' amongst a few others!

As "WA's Truly Regional Airline" you'd think they'd know the place a bit better than that!

31st Dec 2003, 04:18
Slightly off topic but I note the skippers schedule lists the airline code as QQ. Isn't this Alliance?? Are there any links between the two?

31st Dec 2003, 12:35
An indication of the meticulous attention to detail so important for success in a tough aviation market.:rolleyes:

31st Dec 2003, 14:39
The reason for the cost increase is because apart from the normal AFP check, an ASIO check is now undertaken for both pilots and cabin crew.

compressor stall
31st Dec 2003, 15:01
That map did not last long on the website! "Site not found!"

Someone was listening! ;)

Happy new year all!


1st Jan 2004, 16:47
That's OK CS - looks like they left another version of it here (http://www.skippers.com.au/map2.htm).

Start timing - I wonder how long this one will last!

2nd Jan 2004, 09:29
whilst on the topic of wa, fna the xr f50 is having the new paint scheme put on next week so watch out, should be a vast improvement...see also that skippers are competing on the geraldton run from february, xr ceased ops to shark bay on the 30th of december.....