View Full Version : 09 for TO at Tulla!

Buster Hyman
30th Dec 2003, 17:19
Ah yes, it's that very rare time when 09 is in use at Tulla. Just took a chair outside & enjoyed the show. If you're operating out tonight, give me a wave out the port window! ;)

Can't wait to read the letters of complaint in the papers from the residents of the newly encroaching suburbs. I can just imagine them writing their letters in a house filled with Avgas fumes!

How long until we see the same problems arising that exist at KSA here at Tulla?:mad:

Disco Stu
30th Dec 2003, 18:07

When I started work at Tulla (July 1970) the only structures on Mickleham Rd was a pub and the Police driving school/horse stables and nothing else till almost Sydney Road. I have watched the houses getting closer but no longer worry about them.

The 09 departure is not often used but always an impressive 'view'. Arrivals were another thing again, I will always remember a PR DC10 that didn't touch down till the 16/34 intersection but still managed to stop before the grass (in a HUGE cloud of smoke).

These days I prefer the view from the beach:ok:

Disco Stu